10 inch curly weave: How gorgeous curly weave extensions are made?

10 Inch Curly Weave
10 Inch Curly Weave

These days, the demand for human hair is higher and higher. In that context, 10 inch curly weave becomes a hot item that attracts lots of users around the world. Some people love it because of the natural beauty it brings. Some love it because of its popularity. In this article, we will tell you more about the reason why 8 inch curly weave draws much attention of customers around the world. Also, we are going to help you find reliable hair supplier where you can get the best human hair extensions.

What is 10 inch curly weave?

10 Inch Curly Weave

10 inch curly weave is the kind of weave hair which is 10 inch in length. If you are looking for short hairstyle, 10 inch of hair extensions should be your perfect option. With its romantic beauty, curly weave will add length and volume to your hair in the most effective way.

How are curly hair extensions made?

Different enterprise owns different secrets of making hair extensions. It is not an exception with APO hair. APO is one of the leading Vietnamese companies in terms of exporting hair to the international market. There are thousands of hair items available in our stock, which are always ready for you to order.

If you think that we only make hair extensions for straight hair then there is a misunderstanding here. Besides straight hair extensions, we also develop many different textures of wavy hair and curly hair. Especially, our curly hair weave is very real. It is, like other types of hair extensions in our stock, made of 100% Vietnamese human remy hair.

Basically, there are two ways workers use to make curls: curling method and hot steaming method. In the curling method, the hair is permed to create the curl. People have to use hair curler or other devices with similar role to make curls. The second one – hot steaming method is the way where hair is put on a rod and set with steam. With the first method, you can apply when there is not too much hair to curl. In case there is a large amount of hair, we highly recommend that hot steaming method is better.

10 inch curly weave: Advantages and disadvantages

10 inches of hair

It cannot be denied that all hairstyles have two sides: disadvantages and disadvantages. 10 inch curly weave is also the same. Let’s check out what are they?


The very first advantage of 10 inch curly weave is that it is made of 10% virgin remy unprocessed human hair. It means all hair cuticles remain and face the same direction, prevent the hair from tangling. Also, the curly hair sew in does not contain any chemicals or synthetic hair. There is no lice, no insects in human hair curly weave. Through some careful steps of washing and classifying, the hair is perfectly great with no other bad smells.

Because it is made of human hair, 10 inches of hair curly weave has a long service time (about 1 year or more) if you know how to take care of it properly.

The effect after worn of the hair extensions looks really individual. It is a different feeling in comparison with your old hairstyles. The hair brings you a quite brand new look.

10 inch curly weave can blend well with your natural locks, creating a natural luster hairstyle, thanks to its naturalness. This is the important factor that decides the application of hair extensions is successful or not. When there is a good blend of human hair extensions and natural hair, you will be more glamorous and confident under any circumstances.


Basically, curly hair is dryer than other hairstyles. It requires more careful management from the users.

You had better not restyle curly weave (straighten, dye, curl) too often as this will help maintain the longer service time.

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10 inch curly weave is gorgeous, right? If you are looking for the most natural look with hair extensions, choose our 10 inch remy hair curly weave. Don’t forget to visit our website to get the latest updates about our products and promotions.


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