Every bride wants to be beautiful and glamorous in her wedding. They even take the smallest things into consideration, including their hair accessories.

This post may help them make their decision much easier.

Chiffon Bridal Veil

  1. Flowers

Flowers are used to decorate the bride’s hair mostly when the wedding is held outdoors.

There are some criteria to consider when choosing flower hair accessories for brides.

First, flowers which are used as a kind of bridal hair accessories often have the same color as the wedding party to maintain a consistent tone. They can be the same type with bridal bouquet, groom’s buttonhole flower or flowers used to decorate the gate, wedding arches, pews, table centerpieces, reception venue walls and so on.

The second criterion is based on the type as well as the color of the wedding dress. Today, white dresses are the most popular type. You can either choose white flowers or colorful flowers to be more attractive.

The bride’s appearance, especially her head, is another thing to consider when thinking of flower hair accessories. Flowers which are too big should be avoided if the head of the bride is too small or their hair is thin. On the contrary, a bride with a big head or thick hair should have their hair put big flowers or too many small flowers into.

  1. Crown

For ages, crown has been considered as a symbol of beauty and feminism.

Crown is a kind of bridal hair accessories which have never been out of fashion because it brings us a feeling of luxury and exquisiteness. When the royal style becomes popular in many countries, there are more and more brides deciding to wear a crown on their head in their wedding. It seems that they become beautiful princesses.

A crown is the most suitable for loose bun hairstyles, flattering curly hairstyles and half-up half-down hairstyles. Some brides prefer the simple crowns with little decoration. On the other hands, some brides opt for the big crowns with a lot of gemstones, pearls or crystals attached to them.

To find out a suitable crown, face shape is very important. Brides with oval face shapes should small crowns. Brides with a round face should choose a crown which is tall or the one with the shape of a pyramid to make their faces look slimmer and longer. Besides, brides with a long face or a square face are recommended to opt for a crown with soft curves.


  1. Chiffon bridal veil

If you are the one who loves classic style, a chiffon veil attached to your natural hair is the best hair accessory for you in your wedding. It reminds us of the classic and royal European style.

Previously, a chiffon veil was just a white veil stretched to the waist. It was plain or embroidered in the border. Gradually, it becomes more stylish thanks to the boom of the fashion industry.

Currently, there are various types of chiffon bridal veils in different lengths.

Chiffon Bridal Veil

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