5 things you need to nail down for a natural-looking short wig

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Short hair has been my dream hair since I was growing up. I always thought women with short hair are beautiful and powerful. I always remember Ms. Elisa – a primary school teacher of mine. She rocks a beautiful side-parted curly bob. Apparently, the world seems to agree with little me. Wherever you go these days, we start to see short hair more and more. For cancer patients and women who are devout to the art of wig-wearing, short wig always has a special place. We love our short wigs due to convenience and easy maintenance. But have you master the art of illusion and make your wigs look as natural as possible? Today I will share with you my 5 tried and trued tips for anyone interested in getting one.

Tip #1: Know what you are getting into

Educate yourself on all the variations of wigs and all of the babying that would follow. Ask yourself some basic questions? How often and for how long do I want to wear my wig? Will I go to sleep with my wig on? What form of adhesive we are talking about here? Is glueless even something I should be bothered with?  A capless short wig is quite manageable but would it looks ok on me? Do I want my wigs to retain its styling till the end of its existence? Do I want to change things up and be playful?

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Satisfy your own needs require you to understand the difference between each types. Get educated on all the wig types or you will be paying a heavier price later down the road.

Tip #2: Measure your own head

Head measurement is important in buying and owning wigs. For a wig to look natural, it needs to fit you. This may sound obvious to a lot of you but I think this can’t be stressed enough. While some wigs are adjustable with hooks and velcro, a lot of them are not. You need to measure your head to find the right cap size for your head.  A snug wig cap is the way to start a new project. That’s why to buy wigs without knowing your cap size is a very dangerous act, some would even say blasphemy.

Tip #3:  Apply your wigs, then cut the lace.

I know this may sound like the ABC of wigs in general but boys do some of you have the balls to do the opposite. Lace-front wigs have a large area of lace at the hairline. This stuff can be secured to your forehead using a special adhesive. It is amazing since it looks like your own skin. To achieve seamless natural looks, you need to trim the lace so that it fits your face contour. Either enlist a hairstylist or make use of a mannequin head. It would take trials and errors to try on the wig and determine where the lace stop. If you plan on wearing a lace front wig, start practicing these steps now. You can thank me later.

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Tip#4: Application is a decisive factor

How your wigs turn out depends on how you apply. For most people, this would mean glues and adhesive. Select the adhesive with the right strength as you learn the rope around these products. Always put the glue below your hairlines and not on your hair. Use a solvent to remove the glue and then use an oil-cleanser to cleanse your forehead. Some people can go some alternative route as they use bobby pins. This would require a different set of skills and I would reserve that topic for another day.

Tip #5: Melt that baby with your make-up

You heard me right. The wig game is an illusion game and nobody knows more about illusions than make-up artists. I will strongly suggest you touch up your part and your hairline with concealers. This would make these areas match your skin tone. Any girls who excel at makeup will have a bright future with wigs. And you don’t need to be at a drag race superstar level to melt your units. Just need to know the basic technique of applying and blending and I’m sure the rest will follow.

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To be completely confident with your look and style, you don’t need to be rich. Most of us are not a celebrity with endless money to burn through so these are very practical tips I jot down. Keep up with my tips and do these small customizations in the meantime. You will be blown away by how REAL you wigs look by simply follow my guidelines.


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