6 inch weave hair extension – What are its pros and cons?

6 Inch Weave
6 Inch Weave

If you girls are looking for some experience with hair extensions, we believe that weave hair extension would be the one that many skillful hairstylist recommend. This type of hair extensions is also known as sew in/ weft of braided hair extensions. In the hair market, weave includes different lengths from short to long locks. If you love long hairstyle, you can choose 30 inch weave hair or 32 inch weave hair. If you want to be in a dynamic look with short hairstyle, you can pick up 6 inch weave hair extensions.

What is 6 inch weave hair extensions?

01 6 Inch Weave
01 6 Inch Weave

Weave hair extension refers to the method in which the wefts of these extensions are sewn directly into the braids of your hair with the help of a thread and needle. Women love applying weave hair as this is an effective way to transform your look with a variety of hairstyles. They can change your curly hair into flowing long locks thanks to its sewing method.

6 inch weave hair is the name for the weave that is 6 inch in length. This is the shortest length for almost all the types of hair extensions, not with the exception of weave hair. 6 inch weave hair help our girls achieve the beauty with short and simple hairstyle. 6 inch weave hair may not add much length, but it will certainly give much volume to your natural hair. Especially, when your option is 6 inch human weave hair, you can treat it like the way you treat your natural hair. It means you can wash, dry, curl or even color anytime you feel like.

What are the pros and cons of 6 inch weave hair extension?

Pros of 6 inch weave hair extensions

The very first advantage we want to emphasize here is that weave is one of the most harmless method when you want to extend your hair. The entire process of application only affects the hair it is attached to.

The second advantage is that weave hair has quite reasonable prices, which can help you save money for other demands in your daily life.

02 6 Inch Weave
02 6 Inch Weave

Thirdly, because the weft hair is sew to the braid in your hair, it would give you firm hairstyles. This allows you to wear sew in hair extensions in all the physical activities including both sleeping and swimming. Even, you can make ponytail hairstyles with this hair extension.

Besides, 6 inch weave hair doesn’t slip if the braids you make don’t get loose somehow. In case it slips, you can apply some silicone of oil based hair care products with this type of hair extension.

Moreover, 6 inch weave hair is low maintenance. This method may last more than 6 months if you know how to use it properly. We highly recommend this type of hair extensions for you if you don’t want to spend too much money but still love having a fully natural fullness for your hair.

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Cons of 6 inch weave hair extension

Beautiful as it might appear to be, weave hair has a quite long time of application. Basically, the process of applying weft hair takes up to several hours. Also, in some certain situations, sew in hair extensions can cause discomfort and headache. That’s why in the application of weave hair extensions, you shouldn’t make too tight braids. Tight braids are the main cause of traction alopecia or tensions in rare cases.

Where to purchase the best 6 inch human hair extensions?

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