About us



APO import export joint stock Company was established on 10th, September, 2011. We were formerly known as an enterprise which produced hair traditionally in Vietnam since 1990.

APO Company is one of the Vietnamese enterprises that are on top in international market. We always do business with slogan “Reputation is more valuable than gold”, in which we improve our products quality continuously to keep in customer’s faith. Also, we are proud of being a company gains biggest quantity in Vietnamese hair export field through many years. (2011-2015)

Besides, we have had 25 years of experience in hair industry and have built a steady foundation, as well as a group of two hundreds excellent staffs, including workers and office employees, who are professional, creative, and loyal with the company.

Up to now, we are honored and proud of ourselves since we exported our products to customers in 120 countries in the world and over. Furthermore, we are trying to expand market to other areas.


In 2005, APO started to export hair to international market with a lot of difficulties although we had experience in the local market.

In 2011, APO focused on European market and achieved positive results.

In October, 2013, we developed sale teams to enter into South American market. In spite of fledgling teams, we not only approached different clients, but also were introduced to new customers. That was successful because our employees were creative and enthusiastic in their work.

In June, 2014, we continued to export into North American market. Our sale teams developed rapidly and got a large of order and customer system. Moreover, APO is one of the first companies to invest modern machines and factories, to test regularly, and to supply best quality products in order to satisfy customer’s needs in particular areas.

In October, 2014, we started to develop Marketing Web and took part in some fairs in Columbia, Brazil, American, Israel market to promote our brand “APO” to international partners. Besides, we tried our best not only in improving quality, but also in providing best products and service for customers.

In March, 2015, we boosted to invest and to develop human resource, as well as hold up soft-skill training courses for APO staffs. We are aware that human factor is essential and is a foundation of APO’s stability and development.

  • Duty: Together with APO’s development, we promise to supply best quality products and service to international market. Thus, the international people will know that Vietnam is a creative, open-mind, faithful, and reputable country.
  • Vision:

–           APO’s aim is becoming a company which operates in many fields by 2023. Our slogan is focus on productive field and distribute freely. Also, APO will try our best to be a multinational trademark and will be known widely by different countries in the world.

–           In 2016, APO will have a head quarter in USA after studying thoroughly international law and business culture. On the other hands, APO will continue to run a branch in Europe and Africa so that we can support and approach our customers quickly.

  1. Organization and management diagram
  • Organization diagram


Human resource: APO built up business culture basing on APO human foundation. Each staff expresses beautiful imagines of APO culture:

  1. Friendly
  2. Dynamic
  3. Creative
  4. Persevering
  5. Enthusiastic
  6. Business criterions and consumer market
    • Business criterions

We always get new challenges with three criterions:

  1. Customer is Top concern: we consider us to be customers. The first thing we implement is examine customer’s trend in particular areas and make them satisfy. It is also our spirit throughout above criterion.
  2. Continuous development: We learn and try ourselves continuously to make best products and decrease price’s products, and to be a leading position in global market.
  3. High quality: We always sure that all of goods gain highest values and quality, and they are made from best raw material. In a result, our products get international standards to comply with “APO” brand.