All you need to know about 20 inches weave straight hair

01 20 Inches Weave Straight Hair

A woman’s hair is the first most noticeable part of her beauty. This is not just because many of us believe that appearances are important, but also because our hair represents our personality, thoughts and beliefs. Fortunately, we all know how important your hair is to you. For women, hair extensions are a quick and easy beauty solution that has turned into a billion dollar industry. After all, why wait for your own hair to grow naturally when you can seek a more rapid alternative? 

With so many different styles of hair types on the marketplace, picking a suitable hair weave texture can be pretty confusing. Never goes out of style, 20 inches weave straight hair is the suggestion of us for you. If you are looking to wear a long weave but with a little more styling then maybe buying 20 inches may make you end with 16 inches which is okay. And if you really need more information about 20 inch weave straight hair, keep reading this and you will find your answer.

What is 20 inches weave straight hair?

20 inches weave straight hair which is 20 inches in length will make your hair longer and thicker. Lengthy hair weaves are the trend of these days such as 20 inch weaves. What girl doesn’t love the luxurious look of a straight hairstyle? Believe me, you are just far from the beauty and confident one step. This step is 20 inches weave straight hair. It gives you the dreamy length you’ve yearned for! Weaves are also a great way to give your natural hair a rest from chemical services or even seasonal challenges.

02 20 Inches Weave Straight Hair

There are many kinds of weave straight hair in the market, but do you know why people always choose weave hair from Apohair? 20 inch weave straight hair is provided by Apohair with all the natural features remained. 100% hair is weft by machine with the professional process. All the strands are arranged in the same direction, so there never be any mess or tangle. With the wide range of experience in hair supplying for many years, Apohair never let customers down with 100% high quality hair.

Imagine how you look in the 20 inches weave straight hair, it is definitely stunning. Straight hair always makes you taller and more elegant. In terms of quality, we have four standards of hair for you to choose. Let’s see which one will suitable for you.

03 20 Inches Weave Straight Hair

  • Single drawn quality type 1: hair is the cheapest hair with unequal hair length and thickness.
  • Single drawn quality type 2: hair is better than single drawn one.
  • Double drawn quality type 1: the hair that has more same length hair; thus, it is also more expensive than the two mentioned above.
  • Double drawn quality type 2: the best hair that we have. It has same length strands and same hair thickness in every part of the hair. It is also the most expensive one with the highest quality compare with other types.

In terms of hair types, I mean alongside weave hair, we also have tip hair extensions, tape hair extensions, clip in hair extensions and bulk hair. Besides, we also offer lace closure and full lace wigs.

You can choose our color hair with many colors available. The most outstanding shades are black, brown, yellow, blonde. Dark colors will bring you a mature feeling while light colors bring a brightening look. For cooler color, you can try something new with ombre, highlight, mix color… etc. You can choose whatever color your heart desires.

How can you do to make your 20 inch weave straight hair last longer?

  • Avoid heat as much as possible

For example, instead of using a blow dryer to dry your weaves, just plan well so that you can wash your hair ahead of time and allow it to air dry. Instead of using a curling iron to curl your weave, you should use like flexi rods and other heatless methods. There is always a heatless option to care for your hair.

But sometimes if you do need to use heat, a good heat equipment will help you keep moisture in the hair instead of burning your hair. When I was using cheaper flat iron, I would always see that after a while, the hair of the extensions would get really dry and a little bit crispy. They just didn’t look good anymore. So definitely invest in good heat equipment if you have to use heat on the hair.

  • Protect the hair at night

When you sleep at night, your hair touches your cotton pillowcase or even if it is a silk pillowcase, your hair rubbing against pillowcase. It’s losing oil, moisture and form. After a while, you will see your hair is easier to tangled or it is easier to get matted.

05 20 Inches Weave Straight Hair

What you really want to do is invest in a headscarf, tie your hair up at night so that it’s not having any contact with the pillow. The fact is that the less you touch them, the less you do with them, the longer they will last.

  • Take out your weave regularly

The last tip is taking out your weave to wash your weave and your natural hair because it is good to give a break for your natural hair and your weave as well. It will make less pressure on your natural hair.

More information about Apohair’s products.

What makes Apohair become one of the best hair wholesales from Vietnam?

  • 100% our hair products are from natural hair. There is no existence of synthetic hair or chemicals added.
  • Since our foundation, we are very happy to gain our customers’ trust by providing the high quality hair products.
  • Our familiar customers come from many big countries in the world like USA, India, Nigernia…. And we are trying to expand internationally as much as we can.

So feel free to contact us if you have any question for our products! 

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