Apohair 22 inch clip in extension – a new accessory for trendy girl

01 22 Inch Clip In Extension

Nowadays, people usually “judge a book by its cover”. Therefore, we need to invest in our appearance a lot. We try to dress up, wear makeup, style our hair in each occasion. It is so money-consuming! To deal with this, you can save money with 22 inch clip in extension. Let see how Apohair 22 inch clip in extension will work to you.

22 inch clip in extension

22 inch clip in extension is equal to 55cm which is able to reach your mid-back length. Wearing it, you will have your dreaming “Rapuzel” hair and style it into hundreds of hairdo.

Clip in extension is made of weave extension and clips. Weaves are sewn in strip of cloth in one side and add clips to the other side of these strips. To apply it, you separate your hair into 2 parts that are upper part and lower part. The upper part will cover the extension that makes your hair natural and seamless. For lower part, depending on the number of pieces in your set, you can divide it into different parts to apply 22 inch clip in extension. Easy installation and removal is the number 1 perks of it.

Clip in is just one type among many other ones of hair extensions. They can be weft/weave hair, tape hair, keratin hair. To be clearly about them, check our latest article about 22 inch hair extensions >> See more!!!

Why call 22 inch clip in extension an accessory

02 22 Inch Clip In Extension

Ease in use

Clip in extension is the most flexible hair extension type. Unlike others which have semi-permanent bond to our natural hair, clip in extension can be fitted on and took off any time, any place as you wish. Whenever you go out and want to change your hairstyle suitably, you can wear 22 inch clip in extension in many colors and different textures.

Perfect outfit match

If you are a trendy girl and you usually go to events, parties and always need to change your hairstyles for each of them, a collection of clip in extension will help you out. Different sets of this extension can transform you to fit each occasion easily. Therefore, you needn’t to damage your hair with hot tools, chemicals at all.

Beauty enhancement

No one can deny this benefit of 22 inch clip in extension. Even when you have strong personality, you absolutely love long hair! Stop going out with boring hairstyles due to your short natural hair, let’s pop your hair up with clip in extension.

APOHAIR 22 inch clip in extension

As a leading company in hair industry in Vietnam, APOHAIR assures to supply you 100% Remy Human 22 inch clip in extension. Our products are made of high quality hair material which lasts in 1-2 years with proper care. You absolutely can reuse it many times in this period. While other companies sell fixed products with exact weight, exact pieces, Apohair is so flexible in this. We are available to design your 22 inch clip in extension in both weight and number of pieces for each set.

03 22 Inch Clip In Extension

APOHAIR have a large rage of hair color choices. Not only basic colors as black, brown and blonde, we also have different shades of them. We have been developing and finding formulas for new colors to catch up with hair trend in the world. Thus, cold colors were born to complete our color chart. “Classic and modern” are words to describe our palate. In addition, we cannot forget ombre and mix color idea for every trendy hair. Apohair is always ready to design your 22 inch clip in extension in every color to create your unique style. What will you choose?

Texture is one of our outstanding point. To meet end needs of global clients, we create more than 30 textures from straight to wavy to curly. Instead of using chemical and hot heat, Apohair chooses to use hot steam. This process not only make different patterns of hair, keep them in order in favorable time, but it also limit to damage hair. We always try our best to preserve hair in good condition.

We ensure that APOHAIR 22 inch clip in extension will:

  • Blend perfectly to your natural hair
  • No tangle, No shedding, No nit or lice
  • Have good smell
  • Have ability to style with hot tools
  • Certainly add volume and length to your actual hair

It is surely clear why we call 22 inch clip in extension as an accessory. Do you want to add it in your fashion collection? It’s no doubt to contact Apohair anymore. Our staff is online 24/7 and they are always ready to support you. Meanwhile, you can shop clip in hair extensions directly from our online store http://apostore.vn. Dreaming long hair is not only a dream anymore with APOHAIR.


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