At-home highlights

At Home Highlights Vietnam Hair 3
At Home Highlights Vietnam Hair 3

Highlights are one of the best accessories for your Vietnam hair. It is fun, playful and gorgeous. However, only some highlights might take you some time at the salon. For those who are busy, doing highlights at home is not a bad choice as it is easy to do and it’s cheaper.
Even the beginners can do it with some quick instructions. So read on and learn how you can pull it off at home.

At Home Highlights Vietnam Hair 1

To start, please check all allergies if you are allergic to any of those, wear gloves, protective clothing and keep bleach off of your skin and away from your eyes throughout this process. Be an adult about this and don’t do things that are unsafe or unclear.
First things first, you will need a bleach kit.
Next steps are going to be grabbing your sectioning clips, getting your protective cap on and clipping one side of your hair back.
Now, defining the exact piece you want to highlight and remember to only take a very small amount of your Vietnam hair such as in a size of a shoe lace. By this trick, the highlight will look much better overall.
Once you have your pieces out and the rest of your hair securely clipped out of the way, it’s time to mix your bleach! Follow every little tiny instruction on the box carefully.

At Home Highlights Vietnam Hair 2

Now, it’s time to apply. Slowny apply the product from the middle to the end of your hair and don’t go any higher if you want to keep this as easy and safe as possible. Apply middle to ends on each thin section.
After that, use your spoolie to soften the transition between the dark and light Vietnam hair. You don’t want a harsh line where the bleach stops so lightly drag your spoolie up and down where your bleach stops and soften the look! Next, wrap your hair with color foils to keep the color from drying out.

At Home Highlights Vietnam Hair 3

Vietnam hair

Keep in mind, bleach works very differently than hair color. Hair color stops, bleach does not. You will need to check your hair from time to time inside the foil/saran wrap to see how light it’s getting. Since this is a 30 volume bleach, it moves quickly and you should keep an eye on it. Don’t try to make the pieces platinum, use your best judgement and follow the instructions. You just want a subtle highlight.

At Home Highlights Vietnam Hair 4

When the hair is ready, you’ll rinse, shampoo and tone. And this was the final result once the hair was dried and waved.
So it is not complex at all as you can see and the result is amazing.
However, if you are still afraid of doing it by yourself or not sure which color to go for, then get some different colored real hair extensions to try and test. We offer Vietnam hair extensions with all style and design whioh are easy to use and diverse to choose. The only thing you have to do is choose a color then clip in these Vietnamese real hair extensions then you are good to go.


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