Balayage with 14 inch tape in extension double drawn standard

01 14 Inch Tape In Extension

Balayage hair is one of the most popular hair color ideas in current years. Many people are using 14 inch tape in extension to have this hairstyle. If you go to hair salon to have a professional hair colorist dye your hair, it not only charges much money but also risks your hair to be burnt and damaged. In this article, we will find out how to make balayage hairstyle with 14 inch tape in extension with double drawn standard from APO hair safely and economically.

What is 14 inch tape in extension with double drawn standard from APO hair?

Double drawn standard

Chinese hair vendors usually classify hair extensions into 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, etc. Each number stands for different standard. The higher number is, the longer the hair extension can last.

Unlike Chinese vendors, Vietnamese hair vendors divide hair extensions into single drawn, double drawn and super double. Each standard has different thickness while they have the same quality, same lifespan. In general, Vietnamese human hair from APO hair last in 1-2 years for remy hair and 2-3 years for virgin hair. In this case, double drawn hair has medium thickness which meets end need of many clients all over the world. One of the double drawn hair’s perks is its favorable price, as a result, clients use this hair standard a lot.

In our company, we use A, A+, A++ and A+++ to stand for different standard of hair extensions. As you can see from the photo above, A is single drawn type 1 which is the thinnest hair standard, A+ is single drawn type 2, A++ is double drawn type 1 which has medium thickness. At last, A+++ is double drawn type 2 – the thickest hair standard. Each hair standard has different price and the thicker, the more expensive.

How is 14 inch tape in extension from APO hair?

Waist-length hair will help you have a feminine appearance. On the other hand, a short hairstyle brings you an energetic look. An ideal hair length is 14 inch which is in between of bob hair and “Rapuzel” hair. It may take time to have this hair length for some people. Therefore, using 14 inch tape in extensions is a great choice to grow your hair immediately. What does 14 inch tape in extension look like? Please take a look to the photo hereby.

You are surely nervous about looking for a reliable hair vendor, but no worry, I will help you. I want to introduce you the biggest hair company in Vietnam which supplies luxurious hair with factory price. It’s APO hair. With more than 20 years working in hair field, APO hair has built our own factory where we select material strictly to choose high quality hair and design our own products. Thanks to our experience and reputation, we have delivered hair extensions to more than 120 countries and territories. We are proud to serve and satisfy more than 100,000 clients worldwide.

03 14 Inch Tape In Extension

What is balayage hairstyle?

I can say that balayage hairstyles have flooded over every country in the world nearly. It attracts a lot of modern girls thanks to the unique hair color idea. Balayage is created by at least 3 colors. The common balagaye is a combination of ombre in the top and piano colors in the bottom of your hair. Meanwhile, many hairstylists have transformed and developed this hair color into a new level. Instead of creating 3 colors individually, these colors will be blended that create natural look, imperceptible highlights and beautiful dimension.

While ombre hair has 2 recognizable colors with separate parts, balayage will make you feel a smooth change in hair color.

04 14 Inch Tape In Extension

How 14 inch tape hair extension works to balayage hairstyle?

To have this hairstyle, you need a professional hair colorist which may cost you a lot. Moreover, dye chemicals will damage your natural hair and even burn it. Instead of risking your hair, we absolutely can use tape in extensions. Let see how to have 14 inch balayage hairstyle easily at home.

Use mixed color 14 inch tape in hair extension

As we talk about balayage hair before, the common balagaye is a combination of ombre and piano colors. Therefore, you can take advantage of your natural hair color as ombre part in the upper hair while the rest will need to add some more color and mixed colors which looks like a piano keyboard.

05 14 Inch Tape In Extension

Use different hair color tape in extensions

Normally, Vietnamese vendor as APO hair will charges more to 14 inch tape in extension with piano color. You can save money by dividing the needed hair into 2 separately hair color. For example, it takes about 200 grams of hair extension to have a full head. We can use 100g of each color. As we all know, tape in extension includes 2 sides and one of them contains tape which will glue to your natural hair. To apply it, you should follow the steps listed in the photo above. When using different hair color tape in extensions, you need to pair 2 different hair colors into 1 line. Thanks to it, your hair will look like mixed hair and we’ve done for balayage hairstyle.

06 14 Inch Tape In Extension

Now you can have balayage hairstyle without any problem about hair damage or finance by using 14 inch tape in extension. In addition, you can style your hair at home whenever you have time. It’s so convenient. By the way, if you need 14 inch tape in extension with double drawn standard, please contact our staff, APO hair team, to purchase high quality hair extension with reasonable price. In other way, you can shop online right now by visiting our online store at I hope you find this article helpful and get more informative posts from our website.


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