Among many hair extensions companies in Vietnam in particular and in the world in general, APOHAIR is well known for high quality hair extensions which varies in color. When coming to our company, you will be spoiled for choice of different hair colors so that you can find out the most suitable one. Here are some remarkable colors for you to take a quick look: black, brown, blonde, red, piano, ombre, platinum and even some mixing colors. Nevertheless, black hair has dominated over other colors over the last few years.

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Although these days there are more and more hair dye colors, which gives you give a wide range of choices, black hair seems to never go out of style because of the following reasons. First, black hair refers to natural beauty. Second, black hair matches well with different clothes, accessories and make up styles. Third, for many women, black hair brings a feeling of luxury and nobility.

So, what hairstyles are suitable for black hair?

Black straight full down hairstyle


It can be said that straight full down hairstyle is the most time-saving hairstyle as you have to do nothing apart from wearing your hair down and brushing it to keep it smooth and silky. This simple hairstyle has an ability to reveal your gentleness, elegance and femininity. Those with medium hair, shoulder length hair, chin length hair or long hair can all go for black straight full down hairstyle.

Black ponytail hairstyle

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For ages, ponytail hairstyle has become one of the most popular hairstyle that any girl must try at least once in their life simply because this hairstyle is not only easy to make but also makes you feel comfortable all day long. Especially, black ponytail hair suits high school students most for whom simplicity, comfortableness and youthfulness are very important.

Black high bun hairstyle

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The longer your natural hair is, the easier it is for you to make a high bun. High bun hairstyle is a good choice for girls to show off their beautiful faces and their attractive collarbone. Not only does black high bun hairstyle bring us a feeling of coolness, loveliness and neatness but it also makes your face look brighter and younger.

Black half up, half down hairstyle

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To do the half up, half down, section off your hair and tie back into a loose bun or braid in line with your temples. Half up, half down hairstyle seems to be a little bit more complex in comparison with three hairstyles above, but it can mix well with both girls with lovely style and girls with gentle manner.

Black light wavy hairstyle

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Light wavy hairstyle makes you look like a charming and graceful princess. It arouses a feeling of romance. Black light wavy hair is suitable for almost all face shapes as well as hair bangs. Generally, 16-24 inches black hair extensions are reasonable to have a beautiful black light wavy hairstyle.

In short, black hair is not monotonous at all, right?


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