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Vietnamese Human Hair2
Vietnamese Human Hair2

Are you tired of waiting for your hair growing in order to change your hair style? Do you wish to have a healthy long thick hair? Are you afraid of your hair being damaged when you try to use chemicals to avoid hair loss? Or maybe you have no idea what style suits you best. If you have these questions and don’t know how to answer, let us help you. With only one very convenient hair product, you can fix all of those problems and you breathe can a sigh relief whenever making changes with your hair without having it damaged. This useful hair product is Vietnam hair clip-in hair extension. By using our Vietnam hair  products to beautify, you can have great experience with a total different appearance from changing your hair style, which makes you look beautiful as you hope.


Vietnam hair super high quality  bulk hair, curly, 24 inches

Our Vietnam hair clips are made from high quality double drawn hair, which can make your hair look thick and healthy. With girls worrying about hair loss, this characteristic of the hair can fix their problem perfectly. Also, a lot of customers say that they don’t like artificial hair because when using it, other people can easily recognize that because the hair quality is not good enough, they are sometimes too dry or tangled. Understanding that demand of clients, we try our best to bring the best hair products with high quality. Our Vietnam hair extensions are soft, smooth and shining so you will be confident to use it with your hair without noticing the difference between your real hair and the Vietnam remy hair clip. Moreover, the hair extensions are one direction and long lasting and 100 percent of our customers are satisfied with the makeover. And one of unique features of the Vietnam hair clips is neither shedding nor tangle. The hair color is natural black, and it will be easy to dye your hair with your favorite colors suiting with your current hair style if you like to change. Last but not least, the Vietnam virgin hair extensions are bundled and each bundle weights 100 grams, and up to you and your choices, you can choose suitable quantity of hair; and the length of hair extension is 16 inches.

Vietnam hair Frontal(13×4) Natural Wavy Natural Color hair 18 inches

If you are concerned about the sanitation of the Vietnam hair product, don’t worry because we ensure that although they are natural. Our product has no nits, no lice or any other insects. We are very careful to control the quality system in order for providing clients with the best products.

It is remarkable that our product has high quality but whole sale price so why don’t you come with us and try the best quality product and customer services?

The shipping is served by UPS, DHL, EMS, FEDEX and CARGO within 4-5 days; and payment is through Western Union, Money Gram, Bank transfer, Paypal, master card and visa card.

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