Best moments of Jessica Nigri without any makeup

08 Jessica No Makeup

Jessica Nigri is a famous American cosplay goddess, an alluring promotional model, Youtuber. She is also known as a voice actress and a fan convention interview correspondence. 

Jessica Nigri debuted for the first time and gained huge attention for her impressive cosplay of Pikachu at San Diego Comic-Con. Jessica Nigri carries a special sexy style, which helps her attracted a large number of followers and quickly became a hot face. The image of her Pikachu cosplay version also went viral on the internet at that time. She was then received a lot of advertising invitation for online games.

In 2012, Jessica Nigri started her career as a model in the role of the spokesmodel for some video games and comic book series, such as Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Lollipop Chainsaw.

01 Jessica No Makeup

Besides, Jessica has left good impression through several voice performances for film and television such as RWBY, Red and Blue, etc.  

Jessica Nigri is a talented girl and she has proven her talent in each field she works. Having in the field for more than 10 years, Jessica Nigri has cosplayed many characters and each of them left a special impression.  

Jessica has a hot body with the glamour and long blonde hair. We often see her with the special makeup for her cosplay, but there are many stunning moments of Jessica Nigri no makeup which helps us to see another side of her, but as beautiful as usual. 

Jessica Nigri in Pikachu custom

02 Jessica No Makeup

The first time Jessica Nigri appeared with her Pikachu cosplay, she impressed people with her beautiful bare face with no lipstick and foundation or any cream. In spite of wearing no makeup, she still looks brilliant with the natural facial contours and long straight blonde hair.

No wonder why the image of her Pikachu cosplay version became really famous after that.


Joking and playing around

03 Jesscica No Makeup

Maybe this photo was accidentally taken when Jessica Nigri was in joking around. Still appearing with the long straight hair and makeup-free face, but she looks really cute and naughty here. Sexy or naughty, makeup or no makeup, Jessica is always gorgeous.

Selfie with her dog

04 Jesscia No Makeup

Jessica Nigri regularly posted her selfies on her social networks to interact with fans, and this photo was posted on her Twitter, capturing her moment with her lovely pet in her bedroom. Jessica looks great with her blue hair. Her vibrant face and her shining smile bring positive energy to people. You can see yourself happy just by seeing her image.


Selfie in front of the mirror

05 Jessica No Makeup

The photo was also posted on Jessica’s social account, and it attracted a lot of her fans not just because of her sexy body but also her beautiful face. Her straight nose, the lovely lips with the little hidden smile really highlighted her charm. Jessica really knows how to show her amazing sides.

Enjoying her summer vacation

06 Jessica No Makeup

The picture was taken when Jessica was enjoying her vacation at a beach. The sunlight of the hot summer and her cute pink top enhanced her skin and body. Jessica was having fun there, and it reflected clearly through bright smile and her face with no makeup. It can be said that her Jessica flawless skin is a gift of God that make people admire.

Cooking at home

07 Jessica No Makeup

This is a very rare and different side that people can see from Jessica Nigri. The sexy cosplayer also has simple and feminine moment like this. She was at home, dressing in casual clothes, jeans and a sweater and preparing some food. A smile was reflecting on her beautiful face, and her long blonde hair was bun up made her look so sweet and graceful.

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