Best short wavy bob weave hairstyles

Bob Wavy Hair

We always consider that bob is the perfect style for the perfect girls. Bobs remain a classic and timeless hairstyle for many. What’s more, this style can be with different length, textures or colors. Check out all the best short wavy bob weave hairstyles below to get yourself the most attractive look with bob, will you?

How long is a bob?

It is clear that bob is going to help your hair look fuller and neater. If you are about to get the best bob for your hair, you have lots of time to try. And if you are not ready to have a new haircut, purchasing shorter or longer length hair extensions would be the best choice. Basically, you can choose shorter length, like 10 inches or 12 inches hair weave to get a bob look. These short extensions will add volume to your haircut. On the other hand, long hair extensions are useful as they are sufficient for any bob style.

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The best short wavy bob weave hairstyles

Natural bob hairstyle

01 Bob

If you find out that it’s hard to get a new bob hairstyle, you can get the support from hair extensions. Hair extensions make it easy for you to add length and volume to your bob. Although the most popular bob hairstyles for black women are usually weave hair, wig or other hair extensions, we still want to share with you the simplest thing – the one that doesn’t require the installation of hair extension. This is a natural alternative to achieve bob. This method completely depends on your ability to grow your hair. If you can grow your natural curls, you can definitely trim them in an angled bob. When you have loose curls in your bob, it’s when you have got a short wavy bob hairstyle. If you want to achieve the most natural look, you should go to the hair salon and have your hair cut by a professional hairdresser.

Short bob haircut

02 Bob Hair

Cutting your locks to get a fresh new look, why not? Long bobs are wonderful, however, don’t forget about the beauty that short bob haircuts can bring us. We suggest that you should consider going for a chin-length bob that will accentuate all your natural features.

Soft curls bob hairstyle with weave

If you find out that it’s hard to find natural texture for short wavy bob hairstyle, you can consider a weave hairstyle with softly curled locks. You don’t need to worry as this will be a chic and graceful look that is sure to make your feminine side shine. You can make the curls wider or narrower than the one you choose. It all depends on your choice.

03 Bob

Bob hairstyles with side bangs

Let’s tell us that you also agree that bob hairstyles with side bangs are among the most adorable hairstyle, no matter what hairstyle you pick for the rest of your appearance. Although these styles can bring us a youthful feel, they are by no means childish. Yes, side bangs can enhance the eye-catching impact of your bob.

05 Bob

Where to find wavy weaves for bob hairstyles?

This is one of the most popular questions that many customers wonder. Here, we are going to tell you about APO hair, a leading hair supplier in Vietnam. Apohair is really proud as we are providing the best human hair with various lengths. We have weave hair extensions that are from 6 inch to 32 inch. If you are looking for the best human hair weaves for short wavy weave bob hairstyles, you can choose weave hair from 6 inch to 12 inch.

Don’t worry about our hair quality as we use 100% Vietnamese human remy hair to make our weave hair extensions. We make sure that there is no chemical or synthetic hair mixed in any of our hair items. There are many types of wavy hair in our stock such as natural wavy, body wavy, deep wavy, bouncy wavy, water body wavy, roll bouncy wavy. All you need to do is choosing your favorite one.

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APO hair’s short hair weave includes many different colors from dark shades to light shades. If you love dark hair colors, you can choose black, dark brown color. If you want lighter shades, you can choose light brown and blonde colors. In addition, you can try some special hair colors such as ombre, mix or red color, which promises to make you look more and more outstanding.

If you want to know more about APO hair’s products or get the latest new on hair trends, click HERE. We hope that this article is helpful to you.



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