Black weave hairstyles: The ideal way to get you in a new appearance

01 Black Hair Weave
01 Black Hair Weave

Black hair weave style, despite becoming a fairly old method, is still a familiar kind of hair extension that is widely applied by a lot of women. What is it? What are its main textures? How to apply this hair extension and how long does it last? The answers to all those questions are going to be explained right below.

Black Hair Weave
Black Hair Weave

What is black hair weave style?

Hair weave style refers to the type of hair extension in which the hair is sewn into a long line. There are many different names for this hair extension. You can call it hair weave, weave hair extensions, weft hair extensions or sew-in hair extensions.

Black hair weaves styles are no longer strange hair items in the market now. The simplicity in the combination of weave and black hair is the key to the popularity of this hairstyle. Besides, many people choose hair weave because it is undetectable, making you more and more confident.

What are the main textures of black hair weaves styles?

03 Black Hair Weave
03 Black Hair Weave

Like our natural hair, black hair weaves styles consist of three main hair textures. They are straight, wavy and curly hair.

Black straight hair weaves is the simplest texture in the weave collection of many hair suppliers. And of course, this is not an exception with Apostore. In our stock, we provide 3 main types of black straight weave hairstyles. They are black natural straight weave, black kinky straight weave and black yaki straight weave.

Black straight hair, thanks to its simple structure, is one of the cheapest items in Apostore. You can completely buy it at reasonable prices and this, therefore, will help you save money for other demands in your daily life.

Black wavy hair extensions are the second texture for hair weave. The beauty of this texture lies in the long wavy locks. Some typical types for black wavy hair extensions are:

– Natural wavy black hair weave

– Body wavy black hair weave

– Deep wavy black hair weave

– Fumi wavy black hair weave

– Bouncy wavy black hair weave

Black curly weaves hairstyles: When the hair market begins to develop, straight hair is no longer the only one that draws customers’ attention. Many women choose curly black weave hairstyles for their new appearance.

Are black hair weaves styles bad for your hair?

The principle of installing black hair weaves is sewing hair extensions to your natural hair. Your real hair is put into braids and then the weave is sewn into that braids. However, if you are not careful, the black hair weaves can also damage the natural hair underneath. The most typical result is when the weave hair extensions are glued in or your braids have been created too tight, this may cause breakage.

How long do black hair weave styles last?

It would be precious if you can find good quality human hair extensions which can last a long time. In general, the stylish will braids hair along the scalp and then sew tracks of hair into the braids. You may not think of this too much but in fact, proper care will make your hair extensions last longer and look better. Suitable methods of washing, conditioning, styling, and handling will help us make sure that our hair black hair weave styles last six to eight weeks.

Apohair’s straight black weave

04 Black Hair Weave
04 Black Hair Weave

There are many types of hair weaves in Apostore. And one advantage we think you should always keep in mind is that all the products we provide are from 100% Vietnamese human remy hair. Contact us or comment here and we will help you achieve the best hair products. Apostore wishes you all the best things for Christmas and Happy New Year.

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