Blonde lace front wig and everything that matters

01 Blonde Lace Front Wig

For wig users, a blonde lace front wig is a common item. However, not everyone gets hold of the key things around wearing it. So, today we bring you some pieces of information to help you make good use of your blonde wig. Let’s get started with our Q&A session now.

Does a blonde lace front wig damage your hairline?

In general, lace front wigs will not bring any damage to your hairline. It’s your wig installation and removal methods that harm the hairline. Therefore, you should take special care when applying and removing your lace wig. If you use a wig cap, slide it a little behind your ears. If you use glue to wear your wig, use some specialized adhesive for softening glue and remove your blonde wig gently.

Can we wear a blonde lace front wig while sleeping?

Of course, you can, but that does not mean you can go straight to your bed with a wig on your head.  You need to braid it and make a ponytail, then, wear a scarf or sleep cap over your blonde wig. If possible, replace your pillow with a silk or satin one to prevent friction and hair damage. After you wake up in the morning, take out the wrap and use your fingers to remove the tangles and restyle your wig.

02 Blonde Lace Front Wig

However, we only recommend you to do this if you don’t have time to re-apply your lace front wigs in the next morning. It’s better to remove your wig before your bedtime. This helps your wig last longer and gives some time for your bio hair and scalp to breathe.

How long can you wear your blonde lace front wig?

You can wear your blonde lace front wig on a daily basis, but it must come with proper care for your natural hair. Both your hair and wig need special care to look good. Wash them regularly with suitable shampoo for each one is preferable. Also, don’t try to wear your wig when your hair and your wig are still wet. That will cause bacteria and damage your scalp easily.

How to keep the texture of a blonde lace front wig?

If you have a blonde curly lace front wig or a wavy one, it is important to maintain the look after each cleaning. Before your wig is completely dry after washing, you should evenly apply some protection oil to all the hair layers. Next, use your hand to style the curls and waves. You may need the help of a blow dryer, but just use the lowest heat mode for the styling process so as not to affect the hair strands.

03 Blonde Lace Front Wig

How to wear a blonde lace front wig?

The most common method is using glue or tape, but many users get troubles with getting out of the glue. Alternatively, you can install your blonde lace front wig in other ways like using wig grip, wig cap, wig combs, etc. If you know how to wear a wig fluently, you master the way to transform your look just in a short time.

Where to get a good blonde wig?

A high-quality blonde wig will ensure the durability and aesthetic effect of your wig. You can dye, re-style and have more fun. Besides, it only requires low maintenance; hence, if you are on the go, a human hair wig is a great choice.

04 Blonde Lace Front Wig

At APO’s store, we provide a range of wigs in blonde shades from human hair. And if you want to make your own lace front wig, our hair bundle deal with a 13×4 lace frontal and 3 wefts are here to serve you. Let visit our site and choose a marvelous product. You will totally satisfy with the quality and service.

We hope that with the above info, you will always be beautiful with your blonde lace front wig. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for more updates. Thank you for reading.


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