Bohemian hair and 6 wonderful bohemian hairstyles to rock this summer

07 Bohemian Hairstyle

Bohemian style, also known as “boho chic” or “boho”, is a popular style among fashion lovers and beauty followers. Although the style was originated from the late 60s and 70s, it has come back gloriously and become the topic of many fashion trends until today.

Apart from being the trend in fashion and accessories design, bohemian also the source of inspiration for many hair artists. It can be said that bohemian hair has created a new wave of hairstyle in the world, and today we will find out more about bohemian hair and some gorgeous bohemian hairstyles.

What is bohemian hair style?

Bohemian hair is a part of boho style in general. Thanks to the creative artisans, there are diverse bohemian hairstyles available, ranging from braids, twists and free-flowing tresses and many variations such as bohemian crochet hair, bohemian box braids hair, bohemian wedding hair, etc.

The strong advantage of bohemian hairstyle is that it is totally not difficult to create and can go with any setting. The breath of the 70s style combining with the modern design makes the hair look vintage and romantic yet stylish.

Below are some stunning bohemian hairstyles you can mix and match to rock this summer.

Wonderful bohemian hairstyles you should try asap

  1. Messy Side Twist Look

01 Bohemian Hairstyle

It does not require much effort to create this hairstyle. Just by pulling back the two sidepieces and combining them with a braid style you like, you will have a beautiful hairstyle. Although this style looks quite simple, the beautiful look will surely make you brilliant in any setting.

  1. Dazzling bohemian with small braids

02 Bohemian Hairstyle

This is a graceful wedding bohemian hair that you can make yourself without difficulty. The highlight of this hairstyle is the double braid which makes the hair look more elegant. The style goes best with long hair, but don’t worry if your hair is shorter at the moment because this hairstyle works perfectly with hair extensions.


  1. Homemade Bohemian box braids with braid rings

03 Bohemian Hairstyle

Bohemian often brings the image of a vintage girl, but it’s not all. With the new variation, bohemian box braids hair, you will look extra stylish and youthful.

In this style, it is the braid rings that enhance the box braids, making it look classier and trendier. This chic hairstyle is great for parties and outdoor activities.  However, remember to keep this hairstyle in your hair less than 8 weeks in order to avoid breakage and give your hair a break.

  1. Charming braided crown

04 Bohemian Hairstyle

With this bohemian hairstyle, you just need to make two pigtail braids of the style you want, and then twist and pin it around your head. The braids look like a crown on your head. This hairstyle can match with your daily concept and even suitable for a party or dance.


  1. Side fish goddess

05 Bohemian Hairstyle

The hairstyle is just a side braid and really easy to make. You will need to braid side fishtail braid first and then tug at it to add volume and make it a little messy but adorable look. You can also pull out some baby hairs at that side to add cuteness to your look.

  1. Dimensional chain braid

06 Bohemian Hairstyle

There are bohemian hairstyles that go great with short hair like this one.  The spotlight of this bohemian hairstyle is the chain braid around the head. The unique and lovely chain braid will help you stand out from other people.

The best thing that boho hairstyles bring you is it shines up your hair and can be done within a short time without much effort. If you feel bored with your normal daily hairstyle, let try one of the 6 boho hairstyles we mentioned above. You will be totally satisfied with your new gorgeous appearance.


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