Cause and treatment of oily hair to help you enjoy the summer

Cause Treatment Oily Vietnamese Help Enjoy Summer 1
Cause Treatment Oily Vietnamese Help Enjoy Summer 1

(Vietnamese hair)-Hot weather in summer make the hair oily which not only cause irritation but also make us lose confidence.

Cause Treatment Oily Vietnamese Help Enjoy Summer 1

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Causes of oily Vietnamese hair


Sebum is one of the main causes of oily hair. If your scalp is filled with sebaceous glands, it will become worse. Because this is where fat is produced to nourish Vietnam hair. On average, each strand of hair will have two sebaceous glands, but if your hair is covered with oil, it probably has more sebaceous glands.

Environmental factors

Air, dust, and hot weather will cause your hair and scalp dirty while dry air will make the hair dry. If the temperature is too hot, the hair is also weak and fibers, sweat too much make the hair oily. Especially in the summer, there are people who even shampoo twice a day can not escape the situation.

Unproper haircare

Wrong choice of shampoo causes hair increasingly oily. Eating too much fat and using conditioner with too much moisturizer is not good for your Vietnamese hair.

Cause Treatment Oily Vietnamese Help Enjoy Summer 2

How to treat


Salt helps reduce oil on the hair. You only need to lightly massage the salt directly on the scalp or you can use the salt water to shampoo and leave for an hour. Then rinse with clean water. Apply this method once a week and you will see a noticeable difference on your hair.

Green tea

This is also an effective way to treat oily hair, especially for Vietnamese hair. Put green tea in a small cup, then squeeze about 1/2 of the lemon. Apply this mixture to your hair and massage for 20 minutes and then shampoo with cold water. Remember to use it regularly to reduce oil on your hair.


Beer has many nutrients, vitamins and minerals which are very good for the hair. You can apply the beer on the hair and incubate for 30 minutes, then massage and rinse with water. Alternatively, you can also use egg yolk mixed with 100ml of beer to massage the scalp and hair, incubate for 30 minutes and then wash your hair with water. You should use this way regularly to increase efficiency.

Choose the proper shampoo

This is considered as the most important thing for treating oily hair. You should choose a product containing ingredients that can help balance the pH level on your scalp, and avoid selecting products that feature 2 in 1 or 3 in 1. Instead, Vietnamese hair care with mild shampoos such as water-based ingredients will be very suitable.


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