Change Your Look in Seconds with Human Hair Clip In Extensions


You may experience thinning hair for a variety of reasons, ranging from illness to aging, which can leave them longing for the days when they had fuller heads of hair. Even women without hair loss might like to have extra length or volume for a different look on occasion. Extensions provide the additional volume that you desire and it couldn’t be easier than with vietnam human hair clip in extensions.

Human hair extensions last much longer than synthetic hair does, and it’ll look more like your real hair and can be treated in the same way. Most synthetic extensions cannot be treated with any heat, such as with blow dryers or irons, and you can’t swim with them in. You’re able to do all of this and more with human hair. Here are some tips for selecting the best hair extensions.

Natural Hair

Compare the Color of the Extensions to Your natural vietnam human hair

Vietnam human hair extensions may appear to be a very close match to your natural hair, but unless you are able to compare the two in a mirror, or willing to accept a trusted friend’s opinion, you may be in for a surprise when you get home. Even slight differences in shade can make the extensions stand out when you wear them. Hair color choices with low-lights and highlights can help by adding tone and depth.


Not All Human Hair Is Equal

There are several different methods for bundling Vietnam human hair to manufacture extensions. The most desirable method is referred to as Remy. Remy extensions are those that have been manufactured to keep the roots and ends going in the right direction. They tend to be more tangle-free than non-Remy extensions because the cuticles don’t grab a hold of each other. Because Remy hair is also picked by individual strands, it’s considered the healthiest that you can purchase.

Consider How Much Maintenance Will Be Required

Most human hair extensions don’t require as much maintenance as synthetic extensions do, but you’ll still need to brush them regularly and use high-quality products to keep them clean. It is best to take them out at night, something that is easily accomplished with clip-in extensions, but if you do choose to wear them to bed you’ll need to wear them up to prevent tangling.

Look For High Quality Hardware

Extensions that have clips that are made from inferior materials can result in damage to your natural hair. High quality hair clips can be worn for extended periods and will not adversely affect your natural hair in any way. When you remove them, you will find that your natural hair density doesn’t feel normal. That is because you adjusted to the way your hair feels with the clips installed.

You’ll never be disappointed to have vietnam human hair clip in extensions once you’ve found some that blend in seamlessly with your natural hair. You’ll never again have to rush out for an expensive treatment at your stylist because with extensions you’ll be able to change your look to suit any occasion in seconds.


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