How to choose hair extension

Indispensable Things Needed Know Vietnam Wavy Hair 2
Indispensable Things Needed Know Vietnam Wavy Hair 2

It’s unsurprising that modern girls change their hair styles day by day because they know how to make them more beautiful and fresh through using cute Vietnam hair extension. That can answer the question why the hot girl was in wavy style yesterday but today appear with straight one.
Hair is the most valuable gift for human especially women and also women have already taken advantage of it to be different. Hair extension has more benefits than real hair because you can make any style you like with it and overcome disadvantages, as well. It’s no longer seen as something just to cover the head but also the useful beauty accessory. With the development of technology, lots types of hair extension with many levels of quality are on the market and one of the best is Vietnam hair products. Below are some tips to choose Vietnam hair extensions which are common and popular to the autumn of this year.

1. Having same color with real hair

Choosing hair color is an important step and you should be careful to consider the same color with your hair to match each other. Ombre seems to be modern color style and girls in ombre hair extension are very charming and unique.

Straight Bulk Euro Standard Hair

Ombre style hair tape made from Vietnam hair

The hair color can have influence on you. If you don’t have fair skin, let choose the dark colors to brighten your face instead of the light ones.

2. Choosing suitable hair styles

Even it’s real human hair or not, you should know how to choose the suitable style for your face. With the long and small face, you should use ponytail style in order for reducing your face length. The ponytail also makes you look young and fresh; easy to move, run or play sports. If you want to be elegant and feminine, you can use wavy style with the appropriate hair length. The Vietnam human hair in curly style is often attracted to girls having small faces. For the plump face girl, shoulder-length hair will be the best choice.

3. Carefully taking care of hair extension

If you can neither preserve nor take care of your human hair extension, it’ll lose its nature, dry and tangled. Hence, you should take the responsibility of concerning both your real hair and the hair extension as well.
Actually, washing your Vietnam hair extension is one of the vital ways to take care of your hair and instead of let it dry naturally, almost people use blow dryer to do it quicker and to save time as well. However, frequent blow-drying is hard on your hair and can actually lead to hair loss. When you do blow dry, you should turn down the heat. Finer hair is especially sensitive to damage from heat, but even thick manes need some tender care. You can protect your hair before styling by using a conditioner.
When walking on the road, or riding a motorcycle, you should put your Vietnam hair in front of your chest to curb the wind and make your hair dry.


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