Choosing the right human weft hair extensions for you and your salon budget

00 Human Hair Weft

Hair extension sales experience exponential growth in 2018 with total sales revenue rise up to 1.25 billion dollars. This trend signifies that the market will experience a 20% growth rate in the next two years. Sadly this development also brings about much misinformation. I heard a lot of people complaining about the human hair weft they receive as not up to their standard and experience problems after color treatment and the like.
Getting to the root of the matter, we hope after reading our guide, you can find the right type of human hair extension. Keep on reading to find out more about the right solutions at the most suitable price for your business situation.

Become well-versed with the human hair weft

When finding the right hair sources to work with, you should never overlook these factors. Keep in mind that with each factor listed below, you will need to weight how the product be and how they would work for your own business practice. This includes where the hair comes from as well as the right hair texture.

01 Human Hair Weft

Remy hair vs Non-Remy hair

So many hair suppliers claim that their hair is 100% Remy hair, but what exactly does this entail? Remy hair is real human hair that is often healthy and strong. Remy hair has all the root at the top and the hair ends together at the bottom. This means that the hair strands go in the same direction just as you could see in a human head.

Non-Remy hair comes from mixed sources and doesn’t have all the hair strands in the same directions. The mixed-up hair also means that the hair will tangle and easily shed over time. This issue will likely never show up in authentic Remy hair. To be a hundred percent certain that your source doesn’t mix up your Remy hair with synthetic hair, we recommend you work with a reliable supplier like APOstore. Ask your own friend circles about some source they might have work with and look for online reviews as well. Tho we recommend you take the latter with a grain of salt.

Matching your stock’s texture with your client base’s hair

God gave us unique hair texture and that’s something really beautiful to think about. Not only does the natural hair texture varied from curly to straight, and wavy. The hair density can be thick or thin. That’s why to make your weft hair extensions blend in easily, be sure to stock up on all the weft with popular texture within your neighborhood and client base. As the weft’s texture matches your client’s bio hair, you can easily work on styling and coloring as you saw fit.03 Human Hair Weft

The origin of your human hair weft

Where your hair came from would matter greatly. Hair from Vietnam, China, or India would have thick and strong strands while Russian or Slavic hair would be much softer and thinner. Choose accordingly to your salon situations and the preference of the ladies who frequent your place.

Application method

You should also know the technique that would attach the weft to our client’s head. To have a good understanding of these matters would also guarantee you strategies to sell your service and make better upsell ability. Research each one of them closely as you will find more ways of incorporating them into your business.

02 Human Hair Weft
As of the moment, there are three main types of human hair weft with the corresponding application method that you could use. Either you could sew the weft tracks into the client’s fine braid. Or you could also use tape-in weft where the client’s hair is sandwiched between the two weft extensions. Another fancy way of application would be microlink for hand-tied wefts. Each of these application methods would come with its own rules, budgets, techniques, and materials that come along.

Some people have a simple idea that any hairstylist out there can apply hair weft. Why this might be partly true, it is not such a simple matter. A veteran hairstylist not only can match the hair color and texture of the weft to a client’s hair, but they also provide perfect consultation. They can do custom cut and dye the weft in the right color that a mediocre hairstylist can’t ever dream of.

This is also the reason why I think there is a lot of space for a hairdresser to grow their income and make a significant sum if they decide to add hair extensions service on the menu. Please choose your human hair weft carefully using my above pointers. Hope to hear more from some of you.


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