Cool tricks to dye your wig

01 Can You Dye A Wig

If you are a wig user, there will be absolutely at least a time you want to change its color to diversify your style. But, can you dye a wig? Is it the same as your own hair? Let figure out right here. 

Can you dye a wig?

The answer is it depends. If you are using a human hair wig, it definitely allows you to bleach and dye your wig in other color shades. However, you still need to take into consideration the shade you want to dye. It’s better to darken your human hair wig rather than lighten it since light hair colors can weaken the strands.

For synthetic wigs, it’s commonly known that the synthetic fiber cannot endure the chemical compounds in the hair dye. Therefore, dying a synthetic wig is almost not a choice for users. Although there are still ways to nail it, we recommend doing the dying process in human hair wigs only for a better result and long-term use.

02 Can You Dye A Wig

Can you use food coloring to dye a wig?

Many people use food coloring to dye their bio hair as it’s a cheap and easy method. Yet, if you want to apply this to your wig, it will not be a good idea. The next time you wash your wig, the color is properly come out. Hence, do use hair dye for your wig only. Even fabric dye cannot be a choice.

How to dye a wig?

As we have stated, it’s hard to dye synthetic wig. Therefore, in this article, we provide guidance for dying a human hair wig.

What you need

Hair dye

20 volume hair developer

Rubber gloves


Shampoo and color-safe conditioner for wigs

03 Can You Dye A Wig

Wig dying process

Step 1: Mixing the dye

Put on your rubber gloves to avoid the hair dye stain your hands. Then, take a certain amount of hair dye to mix with the developer. The instruction of the dye gives clear guidance on the ratio; thus, check it out carefully before you starting mixing. Also, please remember to use a plastic bowl and spoon to mix in order to keep the right color. Metal can be oxidized and changes the color of the dye.

Step 2: Applying the dye into your wig

After you make the mixture, use a paintbrush to apply the dye to each section of your wig. Remember to put your human hair wig on a flat surface, and it will ease the “painting” process. Make sure you cover the dye all the layers of the wig and avoid the lace and hair knots near the scalp. If you are trying to add highlights to your wig, place it on your mannequin head will help. Then, wait for about 30 to 40 minutes for the dye to completely infuse into the hair strands.

04 Can You Dye A Wig

Step 3: Wash the wig

Rinse your wig into warm water to remove the excess hair dye. Next, apply color-safe shampoo or specialize shampoo for wigs and clean again with water. Take a proper amount of conditioner and apply it to the tips of the hair strands. In this way, your wig will be smoother and shinier after dying. Don’t apply conditioner to the roots as it will make the hair fall out. After that, clean the wig with cool water.

 Step 4: Dry your wig

Use a towel to pat dry your wig until it stops dripping. Just do it gently to avoid tangling and damaging the hair. Take it back to your mannequin head and let it air dry. If you are in a hurry, you can use a dry blower at the lowest setting. Don’t overheat your wig or else the hair will become dry and tough.

05 Can You Dye A Wig

Some side notes

– If you want to dye your wig in a bright color, you will need to bleach it to blonde shade first by using lightening powder and developer. Or you can start with your blonde wig to skip this step.

– Too much dying will damage your hair quickly. It also cannot bring a good result each time you dye your wig.

06 Can You Dye A Wig

– Like your own hair, a wig also needs special care after dying. Therefore, set aside your time to treat your wig.

– To secure a natural look, do invest in a high-quality human hair wig. You can find marvelous human hair wigs and hair bundles for wig making at APOHAIR. Let visit our site and have fun.

Can you dye a wig? Now you get the full answer for it, right? If so, let give a try and enjoy the new look of your wig. Thank you for reading.


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