Crown topper – The leading choice for girls with thinning hair

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You’re struggling with fine thin hair? We get that, but have you ever tried to reach the solution for a problem like this? If not, then you should definitely read this post about the best crown topper for thinning hair, so that you’d at least have some ideas to deal with your lifeless hair and get that youthfulness back to your lock.

How to Choose the Right Crown Topper for Thinning Hair?

There are a lot of types of crown topper, they are designed for different concerns and demands. That’s why it is important to identify which hair topper is the one for you.

STEP 1: Determine the hair loss type

The very first thing to start with when you’re planning on purchasing a hair topper is to determine which type of hair loss you have. Depending on the amount of hair loss, you can classify the stages of this symptom.

Hair Loss Issue

# Beginning Stage: this is when hairs start to shed dispersedly, yet in a very little amount. Most of those in this stage only need a small base size topper to add thickness.

# Progressive Stage: when you’re in the progressive stage of hair loss, you’ll notice the considerable amount of hair shed, and the scalp becomes ever visible, especially when you pull back your hair. The period of you entering the progressive stage of hair loss is the ideal period to begin using crown topper for thinning hair. A medium to large base size hairpiece is typically needed during the stage.

#3 Advanced Stage: this is when your hair loss problem is reaching to a rather alarming stage where the amount of hair falling out becomes significant and uncontrollable. Some may even close enough to be bald. In this case, you may want to have the largest base size of crown topper and started to consider wearing a wig for full coverage.

STEP 2: Figure out the Total Area of Hair Loss

As factors such as the pollution or the extreme weather are becoming unavoidable, they begin to place high pressure on our locks, therefore, cause additional cases of losing hair. Noticing that, products to measuring the area of hair loss are getting more accessible nowadays.

figure out Area Of Hairloss

With a measuring tape, you’ll want to record the largest part across the area where you’re having hair loss. Add an inch to each measurement to allow space to attach crown topper to your strands. Again, if the area of hair loss is too large, opt for a wig instead.

STEP 3: Choose the Base Types

Now that you have the type and the accurate area of hair loss, you can decide which type of base you would go for. There’re 2 main base types:

Crown Topper

#1 Monofilament Base

Monofilament bases are usually hand-tied attached individual hairs to a soft mesh, making it undetectable when being applied on the scalp. However, since the monofilament base is hand-tied, the shape and size will be long and skinny, hence only used to cover small parts of thinning hair.

#2 Classic Base

If you need coverage at the crown, the classic base will be your savior. Classic base is wider than the prior one; it usually features rows or wefts of hair, which are integrated in-between your natural one to conceal the thin areas.

STEP 4: Other criteria

Just like hair extensions, you can also go for different hair types, lengths, and colors as your liking. Nevertheless, it is best that you opt for a human hair topper with the same length and color as your own lock, as doing this can give you the most natural look.

Apart from hair toppers, there’re several alternatives for you to choose from, namely the hair extensions and the volumizers. Be that as it may, crown topper for thinning hair should always be the primary choice thanks to its prioritize-for-thinning-hair property. Should you’re looking for qualified toppers or hair extensions at reasonable prices, visit APOHAIR’s WEBSITE to find out what we have for you.

hair extensions from APOHAIR

Lastly, make sure to share your stories as well as your opinions about this topic in the comment section below. We expect to know all and learn from you. If you have any question about hair care or hair extensions, feel free to leave us a message. We are online 24/7 and always ready to help you!!!


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