Deal with post-gym sweat Vietnam hair

Deal Post Gym Sweat Vietnam Hair 2
Deal Post Gym Sweat Vietnam Hair 2

Summer months is the time of working out so hard to fit in gorgeous swimsuit for almost anyone. After a day of working out, you can feel so good about yourself but not the sweaty Vietnam hair. Not to mention that you have a busy life, after working out you have to rush to work right after and dont have enough time for a hair wash. So for today article, we are going to show you some easy ways to deal with post-gym sweat hair.

Deal Post Gym Sweat Vietnam Hair 1

There will be some ways to make short cuts to style your hair with ease after it’s been in a sweaty ponytail.

The key to styling your wavy hair is in the product choice. The recipe is usually finding something to work for the roots, and something that will work for the ends. On some days, you can use some powder or hair products to absorb oil from the root and add up texture and volume to the root part of your Vietnam hair.

Deal Post Gym Sweat Vietnam Hair 2

Dry shampoo

It is your best friend in the summer for sure. Whenever your hair looks greasy and oily, only 2 –3 sprays can solve the proble. It is even better if you want to get fresh Vietnam hair after working out. However, do not add dry shampoo to wet hair or it’s going to look like cake. Wait until it dries first or blow dry your hair and then add dry shampoo. You can also add dry shampoo before your workout to prepare your strands to absorb the sweat during the workout.

OILS are key

Deal Post Gym Sweat Vietnam Hair 3

This is a good step to prepare your hair a night before heading to the gym. Use your favorite oil and apply it on your hair the night before. You can vary between coconut oil, macadamia nut oil, and moroccan oil but most often use coconut oil. The reason is oil nourishes your hair, reduces frizz, and deep conditions by penetrating the Vietnam hair more deeper and faster than other conditioners. It also detangles your hair, promotes hair growth, and protects hair from sun damage. Or you can also use a few drops on your hair after I shower. It helps with the frizziness and it leaves your hair softer. It’s literally a miracle oil. So massage the oil into your hair and go to the gym rocking that greasiness.

Hair treatments

Deal Post Gym Sweat Vietnam Hair 4

Instead of shampooing your Vietnamese hair you can also use a hair treatment, leave it in for around 20 minutes and wash it off. This will keep your hair moisturised and soft. There are some types of hair treatments that you can choose from: leave-in conditioner, natural hair mask and other treatments (such as keratin, protein treatments). Depending on your hair condition and your availability, choose the most suitable one for yourself.

Deal Post Gym Sweat Vietnam Hair 5

Keeping your life balanced between earning money and staying healthy is not an easy thing to do. However, with some tips and tricks, you totally can afford an easier and healthier lifestyle.

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