Effective way to create new look: 28 inch weave hair extensions

01 28 Inch Weave Hair Extensions

28 inches weave hair extensions are gorgeous hair extensions for every girl. It is long, smooth and so stunning that will definitely improve your appearance. To help you know more about it, we want to open this topic about 28 inches weave hair extensions for you.

What is weave hair?

Weave hair is one of the most traditional kinds of hair extensions in the hair market.
In the past, when the hair industry has not yet developed, people would immediately think of weaving method soon after they heard about hair extensions. Weave hair is commonly known as the method in which hair is sewn together into a long line. This line is then gathered in bundles. Each bundle of weave hair weighs about 100 grams. Many women choose weave hair as this hair extension is undetectable. Hardly can other people realize that you are wearing hair extensions, which makes you more and more confident in your appearance.

02 28 Inch Weave Hair Extensions

Apohair – big supplier of weave hair extensions

Weave hair is 100% Vietnamese remy hair

You might know that some Asian countries such as India, China, Cambodia and specially Vietnam are famous for human virgin hair. Their hair is long and thick enough to make hair extensions. Our Vietnam hair extensions has been exported to many countries in the world. The hair extensions of Apohair is made of Vietnamese women real hair. As a result, our hair is complete chemical-free which is harmless to our health. That is the reason why you can wear our hair extensions with worrying about the side-effect or something.

03 28 Inch Weave Hair Extensions

28 inches weave hair extensions

Since all the hair is 100% remy hair with full cuticle and all-strand arranged in the same direction, the hair will be remained for longer time and looks glossier. When you hold the hair on your hands, you will know that it is soft, silky and very smooth. You will find no tangles or shedding, not to mention the insects in the hair. We have carefully cleaned the hair before we send it to you. Therefore, we assure that our products are at high quality and you won’t be disappointed about it. Anything else? If you are wondering whether you can choose the right color for you or not, please read the passages below.

Weave hair is designed in various hair colors

When it comes to color of 28 inches weave hair extensions, many people tend to be confused. That is a common situation because choosing a right color which can enhance you face and your skin is not easy. Here are some of our colors for hair extensions I believe that you will like them.

First of all, let’s talk about the dark colors first. A lot of people have wrong perception that dark colors are only for middle aged and old people. That is not true. If you have a look at Selena Gomez and Emilia Clarke (they used to have black hair), you will see that black, brown and light brown colors are also so gorgeous. They make your hair look so natural that no one can realize it is hair extensions. Plus, your skin will be enhanced that it looks healthy and strong. Dark color hair extensions also gives you the sense of nature. It is like you do not have to be something colorful, just be yourself and still, people love you.

04 28 Inch Weave Hair Extensions

Weave hair light brown color

Second of all, light colors are getting more and more popular among people all around the world. If you have a look at Asian people you will see that they love light colors too. They have natural hair color as black and brown but now they can change to some color such as yellow, brunette, or even pink and red. In Apohair, we offer light colors such as yellow, light yellow and blonde. These are young colors so they will create a young image and dynamic appearance for people who use it.

05 28 Inch Weave Hair Extensions

Apohair’s weave hair extensions

In addition, we also have some colors which are mixed by two or more colors like mix color, ombre and highlight color. I think cool girls might like these very much since they look not only cool but also very special.

After reading about what we have to offer, what do you think? You might think that the color is limited but actually it is not. We can also offer other colors if our customers require. If you don’t love 28 inches weave hair that much, then you can try other length of our products as written below.

How can I choose the length of hair extensions?

Speaking of 28 inches weave hair extensions makes some people think that we have only this length. In fact, we have numerous hair lengths for you to choose varying from 6 inches to 32 inches.

For weave hair, also called as machine weft hair and other types of hair such as a bulk hair, tip hair, tape hair, clip in hair and frontal closure we also have hair extensions from 6 inches to 32 inches.

06 28 Inch Weave Hair Extensions

Frankly, from 6 inches to 10 inches hair are very short hair extensions. We have Vietnam hair extensions from 12 – 20 inches are believed to be hair with medium sizes, not so short and no so long. From 22 inches to 32 inches are long hair extensions. 28 inches weave hair is one of the longest hair lengths that we offer. With all sizes of our hair extensions, we also sell in bundles with each bundle weighs about 100 grams.

28 inches weave hair is beautiful and gorgeous hair extensions for every woman in the world of Apohair. You can contact us directly to get the most suitable hair that you need of follow us at our website Apostore to get the latest updates about our products and promotions. Hopefully, our article is helpful and you will get the best experiences with our hair extensions.


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