Emilia Clarke no makeup – The charm shining from a beautiful heart

01 Emilia Clarke No Makeup

For the last decade, Emilia Clarke has won the heart of so many film lovers through her excellent roles in Games of Thrones, Me Before You, Last Christmas, Star Wars and Terminators, etc. Her talent is of no wonder with countless award nominations throughout her career. Emilia Clarke does not only draw people by her talent but also her warm heart with a lot of charitable work she has been raising. And now let take a look at the awesome moments of Emilia Clarke no makeup in her daily life to see her inner beauty sparkling everywhere she goes.

Showing off her tickets

02 Emilia Clarke No Makeup

One of the things that make people fall in love with the Mother of Dragons is her humility and friendliness. Emilia Clarke let her face free from makeup and took a selfie with the tickets of a show she attended. She shared it on her Instagram with the praise for the actors in their performance and encouraged people to come and enjoy the show. Emilia Clarke often does this “advertising” as a way to support her colleagues. Her kindness is reflected in just the small things she does.

Emilia Clarke no makeup in lovely street style

03 Emilia Clarke No Makeup

Emilia Clarke was seen on a London street with her headphones on. She dressed in a cute outfit and wore cool sunglasses. Under the sunbeams, the Hollywood star looks stunning with the fair skin. Emilia Clarke has her own priorities, and coffee always comes before makeup. The world knows that Emilia Clarke is an attractive and charming actress. She does not need any kind of makeup as her natural beauty speaks it all.

A beautiful flower

04 Emilia Clarke No Makeup

Looking at the gentle smile on her face with no makeup besides the flower, you will find yourself with the inner peace. Emilia Clarke experienced multiple brain surgeries that might have ended her career. That’s why she treasures every piece of life. Emilia Clarke has never stopped striving and always focuses on what she does to get the best result. Being one of the most famous actresses in the world, but Emilia still leads her life simply, cares for other people and supports charitable activities.

The sporty girl without makeup

05 Emilia Clarke No Makeup

Emilia Clarke looks chill with her short hairstyle and sporty outfit. The oversize yellow hoodie and Nike black leggings is a great combo for a fitness session. Each time Emilia goes out, she goes low profile with a simple outfit and no layer of cosmetic products, but she still shines her beauty. Emilia proves that a bare face is beautiful. You don’t need to be fully glammed all the time. Just maintain a balanced and healthy life will help you live happily and become more and more charming.

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Enjoying her life fully

06 Emilia Clarke No Makeup

No glamorous makeup, no elegant dress to rock red carpets and events, Emilia Clarke appeared with the casual image that you can imagine. She was wearing a grey T-shirt and shorts with a cap on her head and hunkering comfortably on a boat. Emilia was on her vacation and she seemed to enjoy her fishing time with a wide smile on her bare face. She snapped this on her Instagram account and spread her good mood to any viewer.

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In the hospital’s bed

Emilia Clarke once shared a photo of herself in the hospital during her treatment against multiple brain aneurysms. She was lying in the hospital bed, but still looked so graceful. At this close look, we can see the perfect facial contour of the actress of GoT.

07 Emilia Clarke No Makeup

Maybe because of her experience with the disease, Emilia Clarke understands and sympathizes deeply with the people like her. That’s why Emilia is very active in raising funds for SameYou, which aims at bringing neurorehabilitation access for young people after a brain injury. Such a beautiful heart!

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