Everything you need to know about a 360 lace closure

01 360 Closure

360 closure has made a bloom in the hair industry thanks to its appealing look and outstanding features for creating an awesome sew-in and wig. So today, let take an overview of this stunning hairpiece and you will have another marvelous option for your hair.

What is a 360 lace closure?

A 360 lace closure is a type of lace closure which surrounds your head by 360 degree. The normal lace closure can only be applied at the front of the head and have a limitation for hairstyling, commonly side part or middle center. However, the advanced 360 lace closure goes all around the head, thereby offering more styling options to users. You can make high or medium ponytail hairstyles and even create freestyle parting, make parting anywhere you want without having to worry about the hair edges being exposed. 

02 360 Closure

Advantages of using a 360 closure

  • Secure the integrity and natural look

360 closure covers around the head without any connection trace, which brings greater integrity compared to other closures. It gives a realistic hairline and looks as natural as your real hair.

  • Protect your head

360 lace closure has a 360-degree lace; hence, it protects your head better.

  • More styling options

More styles, more fun. With a 360 lace closure, you can braid your hair to the hairstyle you want with a lovely hairline, and choose how to part your hair to make a sporty high ponytail that anyone loves.

03 360 Closure

  • Save some money

A 360 lace closure already covers a large area of your head; therefore, you will just need 2 bundles to create a full sew-in. Whereas, using a normal closure will require more hair bundles to form a look since the normal closure is only placed at the front part of your head. Using a 360 lace closure is a good way to save some money.

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How to install 360 closure with bundles

First of all, you will need to determine how many human hair bundles you will use to make a full sew-in a weave or a 360 lace closure wig. To do this, you can consider some elements like the effect, length and texture you want to obtain. Normally, you will need 2 bundles to go with the 360 lace closure. But if you want a fuller look with curly texture, you should buy more than 2 bundles. The same thing goes to your head size. If your head is bigger than the normal size, you will also need to get more bundles to make a full look.

04 360 Closure

After you have all the bundles needed, it’s time to place your 360 lace closure to your head and make sure it is aligned well with your own hairline. Then, attach the closure to your hair using glue, tape or sew-in method. Sew in with closure maybe the more common method, but just choose the one the most convenient to you. And finally, add the hair bundles to the middle part of the 360 lace closure. 

You can also use the 360 lace closure to make a wig with 2-3 hair bundles.

How to take care of 360 closure?

  • To maintain the great look of your 360 lace closure and keep it stay longer with you, it’s important to take really good care for it with the following tips:
  • No scratching, no intense scrubbing and combing are allowed.
  • Invest in proper hair care products for your extensions to add shine and moisture to the hair strands.
  • After you wash your 360 lace closure, let air dry it on a hair extension hanger to avoid tangles.
  • Store the closure in a cool and dry place after use.

360 closure is an ideal hairpiece to highlight your look. So, why not try it now and share your experience with the item with us?

Thank you for reading.


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