Everything you should know about long wig before installation

01 Long Wig

It’s marvelous to have long hairstyles, but waiting for your hair to grow long may need a lot of patience. If you want a quick transformation with a long hairstyle, using a long wig is an ideal alternative. So today, let’s learn more about long hair wig to get a full understanding of this type of wig before you apply it on your head.

What is a long wig?

A wig with the length ranging from 18’’ above is considered a long wig. Currently, long wigs are mainly available in the market with the length from 18’’ to 40’’.

Why long hair wig?

It looks effortless beautiful

It’s a matter of fact that women with long hair look gorgeous. The greatest thing is they don’t need to put much effort into the styling process. Just having it straight and fall free and you can get ready to go out. Hence, a long hair wig is a brilliant item if you want to have a new stunning look without having to invest a large amount of time for a nice hairstyle.

02 Long Wig

More hairstyles, more fun

With a long wig, you can try many beautiful hairstyles like braiding, ponytails, wavy, curly, boho style, etc. The length and volume of the wig allow you to mix and match and change your style every day.

Rock every season

The long locks of the wig will play as a scarf and beanie to keep your ears, neck and nape warm in the cold days. And in summer days, you can simply tie the hair up into a bun or a high ponytail for a sporty look and get away from the hot.

03 Long Wig

Improves your silhouette

Girls who are a bit bulky can camouflage their look with longer hair wig since short hair is likely to make them appear bulkier, while the longer hair locks projects a toned-down image of their body.

An item of every girl

Unlike short wigs, long wigs suit every type of face shape and body type. You will not have to worry if it affects your look. In fact, it can even frame your face better and make you look more beautiful.

04 Long Wig

How to take care of long wigs?

Long wigs are more prone to tangle compared with the short ones, so you should prepare yourself with how to detangle a wig for future use. It’s also a bit harder to take care of a long wig. Hence, please take note of the following points while using to have a perfect long wig.


You should use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your wig. Start from the bottom of the wig and make your way up. If you comb your long wig from the top downwards, the hair strands will get tangled. Make sure you comb it in a gentle sweeping motion. Don’t brush straight down so as to avoid matting. When you comb the wig, don’t try to pull the strands if there is any knot. Use your fingers to comb out the twisted hair. It’s also better to remove the wig before you detangle it.

05 Long Wig


Put your long wig on its stand after use. You can also braid the long hair wig loosely to prevent tangling while storing.


Wash your wig according to your frequency of use. After you wash it, remember to let it dry completely before you brush or style it. Don’t comb your wig if it’s still wet.


If you have a super long wig, about 30’’ above, it’s better to hold the hair by your hands when you are moving. This way will prevent the wig from rubbing against your body and itself, which causes tangling. If you must wear it for the whole day, you can use finger comb the wig once in a while before it really gets bad.

A long wig is an awesome item for girls to transform their look in such a short time. If you are also a fan of a long hairstyle, just open your browser now to search for one. APOHAIR is where you can find premium long wigs and hair bundles for wig making. Check it out now and enjoy the outstanding hair products. Thank you for reading.


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