How to Find the Best Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

Find Best Vietnam Hair Style Face Shape 3
Find Best Vietnam Hair Style Face Shape 3

It is said that if the wrong hairstyle is created for the wrong face shape, the result is a disaster. Therefor finding the Vietnam hairstyle, that is suitable for your face shape, is so important. Our post today will give you the answer for that difficult question.

Find Best Vietnam Hair Style Face Shape 1

If choosing the right hair style, the face will become more harmonious and elegant. Also, to choose the right hairstyle, you need to determine the shape of your face, which will help you to recognize the limited lines, or the strong point or weak point of the face to be able to highlight them. Here are four popular face shapes, and hairstyles that match them, you can refer to.

  1. Round shaped face

If you own this face, you should choose the hairstyle which can create more angular features, making the face slim and more elegant. The easiest way is that you can do some framing layers, starting right through the cheek, and you shouldn’t have bangs, as this will make your face much heavier on the sides. In addition, you can choose a multi-layered or curly hair cut to the face.

Find Best Vietnam Hair Style Face Shape 2

  1. Square shaped face

When choosing the hair style for this face, you should focus on the hair style to help the face look plump and tender.

The best style should be the lob hairstyle, shoulder-width Vietnam hair curly slightly, a little natural beating. If you love long hair, you should also choose gentle curly hairstyle. In addition, you should stay away from the straight hair style or the middle of the hair, which makes your face look longer, revealing your shortcomings.

Jones agrees with the need to soften a square shape, saying, “Try to soften the corners of your face with a curtain-like fringe that is shorter in the middle and gets longer toward the corners. Keep your length to soften the corners of your jaw, and consider adding a short layer around the eye area or a long fringe. If your Vietnam hair is above the shoulders, add lots of movement with texture.”

  1. Oval face shapes

Oval-faced ladies, you’re in luck. Your face shape may be the most forgiving of them all. “For oval face shapes, go extreme. Long locks or cute short cuts. In between usually takes away from the symmetry,” Christine Perkins, owner of Pyara Spa & Salon, says.

Find Best Vietnam Hair Style Face Shape 3

Sunnie Brook Jones, Head & Shoulders Celebrity Stylist, adds, “If you have this face shape, you can wear any style!”

  1. Heart face shapes

To channel your inner Reese Witherspoon, Jones advises, “The goal is to decrease the width of the forehead and increase the width of the lower part of the face. A long, side-swept fringe that shows off the forehead or layers around the cheekbones will provide length to the face.” Jones also recommends keeping the length above the shoulders so that the Vietnam hair is full around the jaw.



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