Jessica Alba – the beautiful actress is famous for many Hollywood films. Moreover, although she isn’t a fashion icon for many years, Jessica is still a coveted name for every fashion brand. She is attractive with her glamorous appearance which is greatly boosted by her hairstyles and hair extensions sometimes. For girls who are looking for stunning hairstyles to look beautiful, this post is useful for you. Let’s together see Jessica Alba’s gorgeous hairstyles and make yourself fabulous with inspiration from them.

Princess bun hairstyle

Jessica 1

It is said that Jessica Alba is an actress whose beauty is built by her glossy hair. In this picture, the princess bun hairstyle is applied. This is a classy style inspired by the vintage look. Jessica becomes stunning and attracts people’s attention by just a simple styling process. The princess bun hairstyle does not need too much styling, and it is easy for you to follow.

Long hair curls hairstyle

Jessica 2

Curls seldom fail in making you attractive. It is the same in Jessica’s case. Her long silky tresses look beautiful with the big curls, which contributes to making her look impressive. Curls can highlight the volume; moreover, if you use some hair extensions, your hair looks will even more amazing.

Short hairstyle

Jessica 3

Saying goodbye to long hair, Jessica Alba refreshes her hair looks with a new short hairstyle. This side-swept hairstyle works well in framing her face shape, which boosts her look a lot.

Pixie cut hairstyle

Jessica 4

Jessica looks so young and sweet with this style. It will make pixie cut’s fan crazy as it looked so cute on Jessica Alba. To look great with this hairstyle, she avoided the comb and gave her hair a good blow dry. If you are interested in this, do it for your new look.

Ribbon knot bun hairstyle

Jessica 5

If you are looking for some hairstyles for formal events and parties, you can apply this hairstyle – ribbon knot bun which Jessica Alba wore on the red carpet. To look gorgeous with this style, she sported the ribbon knot and tweaked it into a bun. In this style, how fabulous she is!

Cropped bob hairstyle

Jessica 6

While bob cut is popular and many celebrities apply it, Jessica Alba makes herself special with the cropped bob cut look and went down the chop lane. Her hairstyle is blonde with curls, which makes her look stunning in the crowd and attract people’s attention.

Above are six gorgeous hairstyles which are good at enhancing Jessica Alba’s look. With a beautiful face supported gorgeous hairstyles, Jessica makes people around the world fall in love with her. You absolutely can apply these styles for your look; of course, your hair look will be more amazing with the support of hair extensions. Apohair – a Vietnamese hair extensions brand is always available to help you. With the variety of hair length and hair types such as keratin hair, weft hair, etc., Apohair is your smart choice to complete your hair look.


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