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You’re knocking some people’s socks off at each gathering with your new hair-do, on account of Remy hair extensions. In any case, did you realize that Remy hair is produced using 100% human hair and that it requires awesome consideration to keep up the natural vibes? The cuties layers in the hair are kept flawless, not at all like the non-Remy extensions, giving them a super-delicate surface and radiance that stays longer with a specific measure of consideration.

We APOHAIR are a big supplier with totally Remy hair extensions. Our hair extensions ought to be treated with indistinguishable consideration and consideration from you would treat your normal hair. Following straightforward tips and measures will guarantee that the smoothness and radiance is kept up over the life expectancy of hair extensions. Let’s follow these care guides for your Remy Hair Extensions.

Keep your Hair Extensions in clean state


Do recall that your hair extensions don’t get any characteristic oils from the scalp. Spoil them enough with a profound molding treatment or utilizing Moroccan oil. Shampooing regular will dry out the radiance. In this way, it is best to cleanser each 4-5 days to keep up cleanliness and keep them smell free. Utilizing a decent dampness adjusting cleanser and conditioner can work out!

Picking your hair care items

Remy hair extensions can maintain any hair care items that you may use on regular hair. Notwithstanding, to enhance their life, you may decide on liquor free items and items that have molding properties.

Styling like your own hair

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In spite of the fact that normal hair extensions are the main ones which can maintain warm from blow dryers and straighteners, it is best to utilize them just when completely essential. Air-drying will guarantee that cuties are kept flawless, with no harm. Utilize the most reduced setting when utilizing any warmth styling apparatus. You can splash your hair with a warmth protectant for additional consideration.

Dyeing your hair extensions

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Remy hair extensions can be hued however it is best to complete it at an expert salon. Picking a darker shade won’t do hurt, yet helping or dying may harm the hair extensions. Do check with your salon before you get your hair extensions treated with any synthetic concoctions.


Utilize a wide-tooth brush or a circle brush and delicately work your way up from the closures to the crown to maintain a strategic distance from breakage. You can de-tangle the hair extensions with your fingers before brushing.

At swimming pool

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Your fantasy shoreline occasion is at last here and obviously you can’t miss flaunting your long tresses that have a layer of hair extensions. Yet, the chlorine in pool water and salt in the sea can bring down the life expectancy of your extensions. On the off chance that you have cut in extensions, it is best to expel them before a dip. On the off chance that you can’t evacuate them, ensure you wash them with chilly water to abstain from debilitating the cuties skin.

Maintaining clip in hair extensions

Putting away your clip in hair extensions legitimately will guarantee that they last more! Ensure that you delicately evacuate every one of the tangles previously putting away them in a legitimate box. Try not to store the wet extensions in the case as this will develop a terrible scent. Air-dry them a long time before putting away.

These hair care tips are straightforward and object free. In this way, make the most of your new hair and parade your charming hair in confidence.




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