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Beauty is the dream of all women. Every woman wants to appear with gorgeous look; therefore, make-up and hairstyles are indispensible to women. Beside perfect make-up, hair plays an important role in boosting women’s look. It is necessary that you choose suitable hairstyles and try many different ones to avoid being boring. With the support of hair extensions, you can be amazing with beautiful hairstyles every day. In this post, we will introduce some easy hairstyles that you can apply for a beautiful look.

Long braided hairstyle


If you want a sweet look, this hairstyle is for you. To short and thin hair women, do not worry because you can try 20 inches hair extensions for help. It is highly suggested to use virgin hair extensions to get the best result. To be glamorous with long braided hairstyle, you start by teasing the crown of your hair back to just above the nape of your neck. Then, take some hair in the section of crown and leave out the front strands before you braiding. After that, you braid your hair in French style to the end and secure with elastic. Remember to make sure any loose pieces can be secured with bobby pins.

Long messy hairstyle

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With your long hair extensions, you can do more than ponytail or straight hair. Why don’t you try a new hairstyle which refreshes your look? If you are finding a hairstyle like that, this is for you. A long messy hairstyle can make you sexy and attractive. This is very simple style and you absolutely can do it yourself at home. Follow the tutorial and handle it. Firstly, you have to tease your hair from the crown down to the nape of your neck. Then, you take the top middle section and poof up and twist. Secure your hair with a bobby pin. The next step is that you take the big chunk of the front section and twist it back under &over the other twist. Finally, you take the remaining chunk from the other side and wrap it over& under the one you just made.

Half-up fishtail braid hairstyle

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You will look so beautiful and feminine with this half-up fishtail braid hairstyle. To add volume for your hair, you should apply some 24 inches hair extensions. Fishtail is not a new style; however, applying it subtly is an effective way to boost your look.

Above are three hairstyles for long hair extensions you can apply. Everyone knows that having beautiful hairstyle is one of the keys to your amazing look. With the support of hair extensions, you can do more and more to be fabulous. Apply these hairstyles to be always stunning.

In addition, if you are having intention of using hair extension, it is important to choose a reliable brand. Apohair – Vietnam hair extensions brand is an ideal choice for you due to the high-quality hair products. You can rest your mind when using our extensions products as they are 100% virgin hair and unprocessed. With those good features, why don’t you choose Apohair for beautiful hair look?


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