Greasy hair in winter- how to avoid?

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Having greasy hair is always the worry of every woman which makes girls feels lost confidence when going out. If it is summer, due to hot weather and sweat glands, sebaceous glands are strongly active so the hair is dirty faster.

In the winter, when the weather is dry, your hair is still in trouble and it cannot be improved even if you try to take care of your hair very carefully and regularly for keeping the bloat smooth throughout the day.

Let Apohair take a quick look at the causes of hair quickly to understand that just a habit also accidentally makes the hair easy to get dirty in winter.

Using hot water to shampoo


In the cold weather of winter, we would probably wash our hair with hot water. However, the use of hot water causes the oil and hair roots to lose their natural oils, and to balance them, they have to increase the amount of oil and make the hair easier to clog.

So, when shampooing, it should be noted that you only use warm water when washing your hair to remove dirt and not to lose the natural oil of hair. And it is best to use natural shampoo products.

Forgetting cleaning the comb

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Using a comb to brush the hair just to make the hair smooth and also has the effect of massage oil to increase blood circulation and reduce tension. However, not everyone knows about cleaning comb right. If you wash your hair clean with an un-cleaned brush, the dirt will come back and stick to your hair, making your hair greasy faster.

In addition, if you do not clean the hairbrush regularly, it will be more prone to headaches such as fungus, itching, dandruff … The best way is to clean the comb at least once a week and do not share it. You can talk to others to limit the spread of the disease on the scalp!

Tying your hair too tightly

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When owning a long hair, you tend to tie it in different ways such as pony tail or braid. However, forcing the hair too tight will cause the hair to stretch making the scalp hurt and also also cause the hair to be weaker and easy to be broken. This stimulates the secretion of more oil and makes the hair lose its natural smoothness.

Eating plenty of sweets and grease

You may not know it, but to get bouncy hair, it also depends on how much you eat. This habit seems not to be related but it is one of the main causes for hair to be greasy faster. High-fat foods and sweets make the sebaceous glands work better.

To reduce the condition of your hair to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and flare due to excess oil, you can limit your intake of greasy or sweet foods, and substitute with plenty of green leafy vegetables, fruits, and drinks. You should drink more water to have more flowing and healthy hair.

Understanding that, in winter, you can get trouble with your real hair and maybe that’ll be the reason why you feel not really confident yourself to go out with friends.

Let Apohair introduce a really effective way to have beautiful hair in winter without any weakness. That’s using hair extensions.

Hiar extensions are now popular with the young thanks to its useful functions to help girl have natural hair like their real human hair. If you want to know more, let’s visit our website to have interesting experience


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