Vietnamese Hair
Vietnamese Hair

If your hair is silky and thin, do these following tips to make your vietnam hair look thicker and stronger.

Do not skip the conditioner

Many people do not use conditioner because it feels that it makes their thin silky hair heavier and look lacks of vitality. However, in fact, hair loss is not because the conditioner, but that you have not fully rinse the hair conditioner off. According to experts, whatever your hair type is, you still need to use conditioner regularly to protect the hair. You should only use for the tip of the hair, avoid applying near the hair root and remember wash hair thoroughly.

Vietnamese Hair

Use dry shampoo even if your vietnam remy hair is clean.

If your hair is silky, do not wait until the hair is dirty to use it, let use it the day after you wash the hair with normal shampoo. Because dry shampoo is best for hair styling, then after finishing styling, spray dry shampoo over the hair to help it look thicker and more radiant.

Although dry shampoos help alot for a thin hair, but you should not abuse it. If you use these products too often, they can clog the scalp, which can interfere with hair growth.

Vietnam Remy Hair

Exfoliate the scalp to stimulate vietnam virgin hair growth

Not only face and body skin, scalp should also be exfoliated, especially when you use products that cause clog as mentioned above. Exfoliate the scalp with frequency once a week to stimulate hair growth effectively. You can use a clarifying shampoo or a facial scrub mixture. If you do not want to buy specialized products, you can make exfoliation mixture by blending the brown sugar, oats and conditioner in a ratio of 1: 1: 1. Use the mixture to massage scalp gently for a few minutes and then rinse with water.

Vietnam Virgin Hair

However, you should only exfoliate the scalp once a week, more can affect the production of natural oil on the scalp causing oily hair.

Choose a styling product that is non-alcoholic and non-silicone

Alcohol can make vietnam remy hair dry and weak while silicone easily build up on the oily scalp, which prevents hair growth. So, with styling products like hair spray, styling oil, etc., please choose types without alcohol or silicone.



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