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Hairstyle Suggestions from Taylor Swift


Has been long known for her popular songs which was about her ex-boyfriends, Taylor has risen up as a sensation. She has been loved widely for not only her talents as a singer and songwriter but also for her gorgeous look. Let’s keep scrolling to find out her secret to have that appealing. These are hairstyles suggestions from Taylor Swift for those wanting to change themselves by having new haircut. Specially, using Hair extensions in the following hairstyles can help you achieve the look of pretty women effectively.


  1. Natural Straight Layered Haircut

This healthy and sunny hairstyle makes no women can resist it. The natural layered haircut helps your hair look more flexible and fresh. When having this hairstyle, wearing a beige hat, the overlook becomes great. And if you will be a stunner among the crowd, try this haircut when you are going out. Moreover, to make your hair look more voluminous, wearing clip-in or tape-in hair extensions will work in this perfect hairstyle.

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  1. Side-parted Wavy Haircut

Side-parted wavy haircut is a Taylor Swift’s different hairstyle. Her bangs were cut shorter and swept to the side. This hairstyle allows the textured layered curls embrace her face. It’s so sexy. Whatever your face shape is, you can always get a pretty look and become more confident with this haircut. Wearing hair extensions in this hairstyle can improve your hair look.

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  1. Soft Wavy Haircuts for Round Face Shape

These soft waves are extremely beautiful and shiny that we cannot stay away from them. These loose curls add volume to the hair make your face look thinner. These style can improve your hair look perfectly if you use tape hair or clip hair to finalize the look.

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  1. Smooth Straight Haircut with Bangs

This hairstyle looks like a poster that we can always see on fashion magazines. Just do your locks into super straight lines and use hair product to finish the look. For our everyday look, this is the most suitable one. With the support of hair extensions in this hairstyle, your hair will look more shiny and gorgeous.

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  1. Blonde Ponytail with Blunt Bangs

The pony tail is definitely a classic hairstyle for women of any age. Do your hair a little bit messily in order that you can get a more natural look. With bangs, you can easily use tape-in fringe for perfect look.

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Have you found out your favorite hairstyles from Taylor Swift hairstyle suggestions yet? All of those hairstyles are able to be combined with hair extensions to improve your hair look and hide away your hair issues Extensions with Vietnamese human hair can provide the convenience for you to change your look anytime. Apohair extensions brands which have the sources of Vietnam human hair, are used and suggested by a large number of users. Our high-quality Vietnamese hair products can help for people to get the best effects from applying those shiny, gorgeous and beautiful hair extensions for enhancing and transforming their hair look.



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