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Not only hairstyles, hair colour is also a key to change your style perfectly. You can update hot hair dyes right from the red carpet, big events or facebook and Instagram of famous people where they show their pictures everyday. If you are searching for a new hair dye to try with, you can look at some hair colors from celebrities below.

  1. Bella Hadid


Be always known for her vampy black locks, Bella Hadid made us all surprised when she uploaded this picture onto her Instagram. She has totally changed hair familiar hair with a pastle pink dip dye along with light blonde locks. This hair dye brings her a new look with youthfulness.

  1. Rita Ora

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Wearing an Adidas fashion, Rita choose a very cool bright yellow braids. It is not sure if she is actually switched up her shade or just experimenting with hair. Anyway, she looks cool with this hair dye.

  1. Rihanna

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On CBS Radio’s third annual “We Can Survive” concert, Rihanna appeared with a brand new navy blue hair dye. The hair is tied up with some tangles on the top.  In the past, we have seen Riri with many hair dyes like pink, platinum blonde, bright red and black, but it can be said that this is the best hair dye so far.

  1. Caroline Flack

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With the picture on Instagram, Caroline Flack has said goodbye to her blonde hair and switched things up with this wild purple hair dye. Purple is also a hot trend of hair colours this year, many female stars also tried to refresh themself with this color and Caroline Flack looks very nice on it.

  1. Gigi Hadid

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Gigi Hadid is a model who changes her hair color quite often. In a recent Guess event, she appeared with a cool hair dye. Not a single shade like before, she mixed her hair tail with a light blue and a light blonde on the middle. It can be said that with any hair colour, she still looks very attactive.

  1. Kaya Scodelario

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Updating the caption for her photo on Instagram, we can see how beautiful Kaya Scodelario with this hair dye! It a brown shade with some purple highlight. Her new image has received a lot of praises from the fans.

  1. Kesha

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What is more brighter than this hair color! Kesha is very brave when changing up with a bright yellow hair dye a long with a green root. This color will be extremely suitable for summer, and you will be sure shiny like the sun.

Anyway, you should try these hair dyes once in your life. If you do not want to change the color of your natural hair, using colored hair extensions will be a perfect choice. Hair extensions allow you to change not only hair colour but also hairstyles from short hair to long hair. And APOHair will help you make it come true, APOHair supplies 100% Vietnamese human hair extensions all over the world with the best price. We have more than thirty colors for you choose besides ombre and highlight colors.


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