How to brush your 32 inch hair extension

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Nowadays, not many girls grow their hair naturally to have mid-thigh length. It is not because they don’t want it, it is about the difficulty in taking care of them. Internal factors such as diseases, lack of nutrients, etc prevents hair from getting longer either.

To solve it, you absolutely have your dreaming hair length by using 32 inch hair extension. We definitely cannot deny the beauty of this hair extension. However, the longer hair is, the more it gets tangle. And I am sure it is not easy to make it smooth again. Check this post out to find out the best way to detangle long hair.

How long is 32 inch hair extension?

32 inch hair extension is about 80 cm and it is mid-thigh length. In case you are not tall, the length of 32 inch hair extension can reach your knee! Wow, let’s imagine how it is when apply to you natural hair. It must be super long!

For straight hair, it is no matter to measure its length. For wavy and curly hair, you need to stretch 32 inch hair extension to check how long it is.

Choose right brush for 32 inch hair extension

01 32 Inch Hair Extension

There are a large rage of comb in hair market now. They have differences in shape, size and materials. Each comb should be used for different hair types. For example, a boar bristle brush used for most hair types, a mixed-bristle brush used for medium-thick hair, a brush with sparse nylon bristles used for thick and coarse hair, etc. Hence, you need to find your own brush for effective detangle.

For 32 inch hair extension, it is better to have a wide teeth brush. It may take longer time to make tangle-free with this comb type but it make less friction which causes hair follicles break and split ends. It is suitable for every hair texture. Wide teeth brushes avoid loosening up the curly and wavy tress textures. A loop brush also makes your 32 inch curly in shape and fluffier. 

The material of a brush is also important. Brushes made from synthetic rubber, plastic will cause more friction which hurts your hair a lot. You should choose a brush made from ivory or bristle because it promotes hair to be velvety and shiny.

How to brush your 32 inch hair extensions

Step 1: Apply nourishing oil to your hair

02 32 Inch Hair Extension

Nourishing oil not only provides the humidity and nutrients to your hair but it also makes your hair more slippery. Thanks to this, your hair knots can be detangled easier. Remember not to apply nourishing oil to your scalp. If you do, your scalp will secrete more and get dirty quicker. You can use natural oil such as coconut oil, olive oil, or use some detangler products for this step. Needless to say, natural products are absolutely better for your hair without chemicals damage.

Step 2: Detangle and remove knots by fingers

03 32 Inch Hair Extension
03 32 Inch Hair Extension

For 32 inch hair extension, you shouldn’t use comb to detangle it at first, even it is a wide teeth comb. Instead, use your fingers first. With 10 fingers, you have your own natural brush that are so flexible and damage-free to your hair. Thanks to your hands, you can make knotless easier. To do it, you should start gently getting your natural brush through your hair from the bottom to the top. Be aware that you should do it gently so as that you won’t hurt your hair and scalp.

Step 3: Use wide teeth comb to approach smooth tress

Similar to detangling and removing knot process, you had better brush the bottom of your hair first. Then, start combing under the bonds of your real hair and 32 inch hair extensions. This hair comb contribute to make your hair smoother.

Step 4: Use your suitable brush to make volume-up, or in right style

As mentioned above, each type of hairstyle needs its own comb. If you have 32 inch hair extension in wavy or curly hairstyle, you cannot skip this step to have in-shape textures. It will be more effective if you can corporate with blow drier and gel.

Where to buy high quality 32 inch hair extension

Good hair extension will need less time taking care of it. So why don’t you choose high quality 32 hair extension? Apohair will help you in this case.

04 32 Inch Hair Extension

Apohair is one of the biggest hair manufacturer in Vietnam. Having about 20-year-experience working in hair industry, we have built and expended our factory to meet end needs of clients all over the world. With our professional factory, we are always ready to design the best products as clients’ request.

We guarantee our 32 inch hair extension:

  • Made of 100% Vietnamese Remy Human hair
  • No shedding, No tangle, No nit or lice
  • Last in 1-2 years with proper care
  • Blend in your hair perfectly
  • Add extra length, extra volume
  • Have ability to be styled in every hairdo with hot tools

How do you brush your hair? We are glad to know your answer in the comment box below. Apohair also want to be your hair vendor. Contact us now to get high quality 32 inch hair extension with long-lasting, glossy features. Shop online at  


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