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How to detangle a wig – 5 best tips to master now

01 How To Detangle A Wig

Do you love using wigs but often get annoyed with the tangles and frizz on the hair strands? Maybe there are times you don’t know how to detangle a wig properly. You just want to go straight to your wigs with the scissors and cut off the knots. This is the quickest way to handle but also the easiest way to destroy your wig. It might also burn a hole in your pocket as you will need to buy a new one. Don’t be hasty. We bring you some best tips to prevent your wigs from tangling. Let figure it out. 

Why wigs get tangled?

Before heading to the solutions, we should get a full understanding of the reasons why wigs tangle. By this way, we can also prevent the wigs from such state.


Unlike natural hair, wigs don’t have natural oils from the scalp to moisture the hair locks whether it’s human hair or synthetic hair. Therefore, wigs tend to be dry and easy to get knotted.


For synthetic wigs, it is the material of the fiber such as polymer or acrylic that makes the hair prone to tangling. And with wigs made from human hair, the chemicals used to handle and dye the hair provokes the tangling state. If you have experience different types of wigs, you will realize that low-quality wigs will get tangled much easier than the high-quality ones.

02 How To Detangle A Wig

Improper care

The ways you take care of your wigs play an important part in the condition of the wig. With frequent heat exposure and improper care, the hair strands are prone to frizzing, tangling and knotting. So be sure that you master the right wig-care techniques.

Time of use

Even if you are owning a high-quality human hair wig and take special care for it, it will become old eventually. After a certain time of use, the hair will start to be worn out and get tangled. 

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How to detangle a wig?

  1. Choosing the right wig care products

03 How To Detangle A Wig

It’s essential to invest in the right wig care products to prevent tangling state. Each type of wig goes with separate hair care guidance, so take your time to study and apply correctly. Make sure you find the right shampoo, conditioner and styling products for your wigs.

  1. Using wide-tooth comb or wig brush before washing wig

04 How To Detangle A Wig

Before you wash your wig or apply conditioner to it, remember to use a wide-tooth comb or a wig brush to detangle the knots. Make sure to do it gently so as not to break the hair. 

  1. Washing your wig properly

Washing your wig is a useful way to get away from tangling and revive your wig. You should, however, do it in the right way to avoid the opposite effect. Remember to use the shampoo specialized for your wig type and follow the instruction correctly. Besides, don’t wash your wig too often. You only need to clean it after several uses. If you wear it on a daily basis, one cleaning per week is recommendable.

05 How To Detangle A Wig


The instruction for washing wigs is similar to that of washing weave hair before installing. Please read the detailed steps HERE.

  1. Using fabric softener to detangle your wig

Instead of washing your wig with shampoo, you can use fabric softener to reduce frizz and detangle your wig. To apply this method, you need a spray bottle, cool water and fabric softener. Mix fabric softener with cool water at the ratio of 1:1 and shake it up. Then, spray the mixture into your wigs. Let it air dry on a wig stand and use a wig brush to remove the tangles.

06 How To Detangle A Wig

  1. Storing your wigs on a wig stand

After wearing, you should put your wig on its stand. This way will keep the hair locks in place and not knotted together. You will be ready to go out with a smooth wig at any time.  

07 How To Detangle A Wig


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Overall, detangling a wig is not too hard to do. But if you take good care of the wig each time you use, you will not suffer from the aftermath. We hope that with the tips we mentioned above, you will have a clear look on how to detangle a wig. Please keep up-to-date for more useful info.



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