How to find the best bundles with closure for your wig?

01 Bundles With Closure

Lace closure wig has now been one of the most common types of wig in the hair extensions industry. Beauty followers, fashionista, and women of all ages love the item for its useful features and aesthetic aspect. But a wig, especially a human hair one, normally costs quite an amount. Hence, many users choose to create closure wig on their own to save money and customize it to their favor. So, how and where to buy the best bundles with closure to make a wig? Let’s find the answer here.

How to choose good hair bundles with closure for your wig?

Know the origin of hair

The first thing that matters is the origin of the hair bundles you are going to use. Natural hair bundles come from human hair. This type of hair is collected from girls and women who grow out their locks and sell them to the hair extensions companies. Many hair extension companies source their hair from India, Egypt, China, and Vietnam. Each one has its own outstanding features, so you can take into consideration the one that suits your ethnicity and finance. 

02 Bundles With Closure

Cheap hair bundles with closure from synthetic fibers are affordable at first, but it will quickly lose the look and feel. You won’t want a wig that feels like rough fibers on your head just after a short time. Even high-quality synthetic fibers cannot bring a realistic feeling like human hair strands. That’s why human hair weave bundles with closure should be on your list if you want to make a DIY lace closure wig.

Find a trusted brand

There are more and more hair extension producers and distributors in the market now. But due to the high competitiveness of the industry and profit-making purpose, some of them have mixed Remy, virgin, and fallen hair and used chemicals to coat the exposed cuticles. They would then marketed it as virgin hair. That poor processing will make the hair prone to damage and easy to shed while using. This means you need to consider the place where you buy your lace closure and weave hair bundles. A tip is to search for the reviews of that brand on the internet, groups for hair extension or wig wearers, or ask your friends who have experience in using hair extensions.

03 Bundles With Closure

Determine the length, volume, and occasion

It’s better to have a clear picture of how you want your wig look like before you make an order. Not every length suits every person, so if you prefer a medium wig, don’t try to buy long bundles. It’s not a good idea to cut it right after purchasing. Besides, even if you want a voluminous hairstyle, don’t use too many weft bundles for your wig. It will only make your wig look clunky and unnatural. Most of the time, the suppliers already give a set with sufficient wefts for you to make a wig. Buying more may lead to a waste of money.

In addition, the occasions or settings you are often in with your lace closure wig is also a factor to mention. Knowing the occasions will help you select a suitable texture for your bundles with closure.

04 Bundles With Closure

Where to find the best lace closure with bundles for wig making?

After you consider every element, it’s time to choose the bundles to make a closure wig. APOHAIR’s premium sets from GALAXY COLLECTION can be one of the good examples. With the set including the option for a lace closure and three weft bundles, you can easily make a closure wig. Especially, there are options for the length of the lace closure and the wefts. If you love a wig with a layered look, let choose the wefts with the same length. But if you want the entire wig with equal length, you should choose the wefts with different lengths.

So now you get to know how you can opt for good bundles with closure, let start sew in closure wig, and enjoy your new look. Thank you for reading.


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