How to keep the perfect pattern of deep wave wig

01 Deep Wave Wig

If you fall in love with the fresh bouncy look of deep wave hairstyle, but your hair is now vulnerable to damage, using a deep wave wig may be the first choice to come. However, to keep the brilliant deep wave pattern of your wig, you should master the tips to care for it. Let check it out now.

What is deep wave?

Deep wave is a hairstyle with a curly pattern that is close to Jheri curl style. A deep wave wig also has strands with the “S” shape pattern like body wave wig, but they are much deeper, resulting in tighter curls. This is a great texture that looks luxurious and adds much volume to your hair. And like other types of wavy textures, the deep wave is relatively hard to maintain. Therefore, it’s necessary to take special care of your deep wave lace wig and avoid the rigid look.

How to take care of a deep wave wig?

Washing deep wave wig

In order not to mess up the hair strands after you wash your wig, please pay attention to the washing process. Before you start cleaning it, remember to comb it with your fingers or use a wide to comb. This way ensures the curly locks are free-flowing as much as possible. After that, you can apply a proper wash without tangling the hair strands.

It’s better to use some pre-conditioning products to your deep wave wig before you apply shampoo since shampoo, even the mild one can dry the hair at some extend. Moreover, do invest in the right conditioners and shampoos that are specialized for wigs.

02 Deep Wave Wig

Pat dry the wig with a towel and let it dry naturally. Don’t overuse heat dry blowers as heat exposure will weaken the strands soon.

Styling deep wave lace wig

Before the wig is completely dry, you can use your hands or a wide-tooth comb to style the deep wavy pattern. Don’t try to brush the wig, even if you are using a paddle brush since the tight curls will be loosened through brushing. You should start styling from the tips of the hair and then work your way up to the roots. You can spread some oil evenly to the wig before handling to add shine to your wig.

03 Deep Wave Wig

Don’t forget a night maintenance

If you are a long-time wig user, you must know how bad your wig will be if you wear it and go straight to sleep at night. The hair strands will be damaged and tangled easily. Therefore, uninstall your wig before bedtime. If you don’t have time to re-wear the deep wave lace wig in the next morning, you can wrap your wig with a scarf, or make braids and twists and cover them by a satin cap. You can also replace your pillow with a satin one. 

04 Deep Wave Wig

Bleaching and Dyeing your deep wave wig?

You can bleach and dye the wig into the color shade you love if you own a human hair wig since synthetic wig doesn’t allow these chemical-related styling. However, please focus on the bleaching and dying process. The curly pattern may weaken after exposing chemical compounds and incorrect styling techniques. Hence, you don’t know the method clearly, it’s better to ask for the help of a salon or professional hairstylist.

Where to buy a deep wave wig?

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06 Deep Wave Wig

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An elegant deep wave wig will bring you an awesome look whenever you want. We hope that this blog post gives you useful info when using the wig. Please keep supporting us by following our blog, and don’t forget to drop a comment to share your thought. Thank you for reading.


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