How to seal human hair wefts to stop shedding?

01 Sealing Wefts

Hair wefts, the basic product of the hair industry, is a fast way to add length to one’s hair. But it often comes with a math of hair shedding. Seeing the problem, many hair manufactures today have tried to produce double wefts with better thickness to prevent the issue. Double wefts, of course, do cause less hair shedding than the single ones, but the state seems to be unavoidable.  That’s why hair experts came up with another way to dramatically reduce the shedding, that is sealing wefts.

Sealing wefts on weave to stop hair shedding

Before you start, please take a note that with better hair quality, the shedding will also lessen. Therefore, do purchase good human hair bundles for your better effect.

Co-washing your weft hair before sealing

The first thing you need to do is co-washing your wefts. That means washing and rinsing the wefts hair with high-quality conditioner only. In this way, you can add moisture to the wefts, prevent damaging, and bringing in a healthy look. Even if you don’t intend to seal your wefts, we suggest washing weave before install for a nice look.

After you wash the wefts, let hang it and air dry before sealing. In case you want to change the color of your wefts, you will need to apply the dying process before co-washing and then sealing.

02 Sealing Wefts

Choosing the sealant

It’s important to select a good type of sealant so that no one can recognize it on your wefts. There are now several types of sealants available in the market which are specially designed for weave hair. They create a tight bond without leaving residue or white crust on the wefts. But if you can’t find one, using fabric glues can be a great alternative. Just remember to check the bottle of fabric glue to see if it dries clear (if not, it will leave white or gray film once drying).

03 Sealing Wefts

Sealing hair wefts

First, place a cloth on a flat surface and lay the wefts on the cloth. Anchor the ends the wefts by pinning it down the surface so that it won’t bunch up later. It’s better to use a sealant with a nozzle or applicator brush, so you will find the glue applying much easier.

You will apply the glue directly into the stitches of the wefts. If you have double weft hair, you should turn the weft upward and apply the glue into the top covering both stitches to make the seal tighter. Please be careful so as not to stain the glue into the hair, which will leave clumps and damage your wefts right away. After that, let the weft dry and you can move to the next hair bundle.

04 Sealing Wefts

How to prevent shedding in your weave hair?

If you intend to create a sew-in weave, avoid sewing the needle straight through the track since it will make your wefts shedding and shorten its lifespan. The right way to do is to sew around the track, and the stitches won’t break down over time.

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Another way to prevent shedding is to limit the amount of styling on the extensions. While you style the hair, you need to pull back and forth. And that absolutely causes shedding. Hence, don’t overuse styling tools like flat irons. It’s also better to let your weave hair fall down rather than put it into a ponytail.

05 Sealing Wefts

And finally, we recommend using double weft hair for your styling. Although both single and double type can be shed while using, the latter will be better as it’s thicker. The double sewing will reduce the shedding to some extent.

Above are all the things you need to know about sealing wefts. We hope that you can shine your beauty with no more headache of weave hair shedding. Thank you for reading.


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