How to take care of your blonde deep curly weave hair extensions?

Blonde Deep Curly
Blonde Deep Curly

Do you know what the most crucial part of blonde deep curly hair is? Let me tell you this, the most vital part of having a blonde deep curly weave is the maintenance. Going with light hair shades can be damaging especially if it’s not your natural color, nor your natural hair. Well, if you’re looking for a method to take care of your blonde deep curly weave, then you’ve got to check out our post below, ‘cause we’re giving you some of the best tips to take care of your blonde deep curly weave.

What’s a Weave?

There are 2 types of hair used to produce weaves – artificial and natural hair. Artificial hair weaves are usually known as synthetic hair, yet it is not as a desirable option as the other one. With higher quality and a more natural-looking appearance, human hair extensions are, no doubt, consumers’ most go-to extensions.

So, why call it hair weaves? When creating a hair weave, wefts are sewn onto braided hair and customized to any ways of hairstyling, hence the name. The hair weave is believed to be invented back to 3000 years BC in Egypt when Egyptians used beeswax to attach human hair, sometimes even wool, to their heads. Unlike the wig, which covers all over your head, a hair weave is directly applied to your personal hair to accentuate it. You can leave your hair weaves for several weeks without having to remove it daily like another popular type of extensions – the clip-in, which are meant to be taken off daily.

01 Blonde Deep Curly
01 Blonde Deep Curly

Similar to our personal hair, hair weaves need proper care to remain in their best condition. Approximately, a weave can be kept on your scalp up to 5-6 weeks with regular maintenance. Depending on what texture your hair has, you can get the appropriate hair care products yourself. For example, the deep curly hair texture requires curling mousse to keep the curls long-lasting while we only need normal heat protectant for straight hair.

Most importantly, plan yourself a hair extensions care schedule. As stated above, just like our hair, hair extensions need nourishment to stay healthy. It’s ideal that you moisturize and condition your weave every day with light oils such as jojoba oil or coconut oil. Wash your weave at least once a week to keep sanitized. It is also preferable that you meet the hairstylist every 2 weeks for reinstallment so that you can keep your lock always refreshing.

Blonde Deep Curly Weave

Deep Curly Virgin Remy weave hair has tight classic voluminous curls. It gives off a full beautiful healthy appearance with lots of shines. Because the curls in deep curly hairdos are very small and tight, the hairstyle can sometimes look very thick. Generally, the deep curly hair is relatively fluffy, so you won’t have to worry that the hair will flatter your face shape. Yet, it’s quite complicated when it comes to keeping the hair’s style, as you may need some curling tools with you.

02 Blonde Deep Curly
02 Blonde Deep Curly

Deep curly weave hair texture flows in smooth curls, which is the perfect texture to elevate your hair appearance. Still, again, proper maintenance is paramount. The deep curls can not only add extra body to your hair but also bring out the playful funky vibe.

Blonde deep curly hair is one of our most fancy combos for many reasons. Believe it or not, the blonde and curly texture is a match made in heaven, as the blonde can show off all of the depth and dimension put into your tresses. Just by choosing the right hair products and styling techniques, this color-style combination will do you wonders in just a matter of minutes.

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How to Take Care of the Blonde Deep Curly Weave?

As hair extensions are usually made of human hair, one should be extra meticulous when it comes to taking care of them.


When taken out of a human’s scalp, the hair turns super vulnerable and fragile. Our scalp plays the role of supplying enough nutrients to our hairs, so when removed from the scalp, the hairs can no longer receive the nutrients they need to remain healthy. That’s why you should give the extensions enough moisture to keep it longer-lasting. Also, regular wash and deep conditioning your hair can keep the curls from getting straightened.


Use deep moisturizing conditioners as you wash your extensions. Be sure to be detailed as precise conditioning undertakes deep to the hair nurse, giving it the necessary compensatory nutrition and moisture. Repeat the routine once a week at a minimum should be ideal to help keep the hair smooth and shiny throughout its lifetime.


No matter you’re caring for your hair extensions or your natural hair, rubbing your hair against clothes, or bed sheets can cause fizziness and breakages to the hair shafts. And while you’re taking your extensions off, make sure that you brush them with a wide-tooth comb so that they can be ready the next morning.

No heat-styling

Heat styling shouldn’t be on the list when you’re looking after your hair extensions. Instead, you should air-dry your hair, since doing this allows the moisture to stay in your hair, thus strengthening it. Or, if you don’t have time to wait for your extensions to dry naturally, use the blow-dryer sparingly at the warm-setting.

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