How to wash a synthetic curly wig?

01 Curly Wig

Curly wig has become more and more popular these years. It is not only used among people with hair loss but also beauty followers and cosplayers. A synthetic curly wig is quite commonly used due to the affordable price and the aesthetic effect it brings. However, it also comes with the math of tangling and dryness. So today, we will give you some tips on washing your synthetic curly wig to maintain a brilliant look. Let follow the steps.

Things to prepare

A wig brush or a wide-tooth comb

Wig shampoo and conditioner (normal shampoo and conditioner for natural hair will not work with the fibers)

A wig stand

Clean towel

02 Curly Wig

How to wash a synthetic curly hair wig

Before you start, please take a look at your curly wig first. A wig should be cleaned when it’s lifeless, rough and tangled. By cleaning your wig, you will make it look healthier and last longer. Yet, don’t overuse washing since it will loosen the hair strands.

Step 1: Using the wig brush of the wide-tooth comb to gently brush out the fibers to remove the tangles and knots. If you skip this step, your curly hair wig will only be worse during washing. You should comb from the bottom of the wig with short strokes and work your way up to the top until the entire wig is thoroughly brushed.

Step 2: Filling the bathtub with cool or lukewarm water. Remember that you can only use cool or lukewarm water to wash synthetic wigs since any higher temperature will damage the fibers. Then, mix some wig shampoo into the water and soak your curly wig for about 5 minutes. Don’t try to rub, twist, or wring the wig to avoid tangling the hair and loosening the knots that hold the fibers.

Step 3: After five minutes, dip the wig up and down gently. If there are any stains left, you can use a toothbrush and gently clean them.

03 Curly Wig

Step 4: Rinse the wig gently with cool water. You should let the water run from the root to the tip of your wig. If the water flows in the opposite direction, the hair will become tangled quickly. Besides, it’s important to rinse your curly hair wig thoroughly to remove the shampoo completely. If not, your wig will look quite matted due to the leftover shampoo on the hair strands.

Step 5: Conditioning your curly wig to restore the original texture and bring back the vibrant look. Wig conditioner containing specially blended oil will moisturize the dry fibers and add sheen to them. You can mix the conditioner and similarly to step 2. Then, immerse your wig into the water and use your fingers to help the solution spread all over the hair strands. After that, rinse the wig again to clean the conditioner.

Step 6: Pat drying your curly wig with a clean towel to remove the excess water before you place it on the wig stand and let it air dry. If you hang the wig right after cleaning, the water dripping will stretch the fibers and ruin the style of your wig. In addition, heat blow dryers are not allowed for synthetic wigs since the heat will melt the fibers. If you are in a hurry, you can turn on the cooling mode (if any).

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04 Curly Wig

Step 7: Restyling the curly long locks before the wig is completely dry. You should use your fingers to twist each curl and make it bounce back to the original shape. In case it does not come out with a natural result, you can try to twist the hair gain in the opposite direction. After the curly hair wig is dry, you can store it in a hairnet to maintain the style.

Overall, it’s not hard to wash a wig, so please set aside some time to care for your curly wig. We hope that this article equips you with useful info. And don’t forget to keep up-to-date on APOHAIR’s online store for brilliant wigs and hair bundles deals. Thank you for reading.


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