How to wash weave before installing

01 Wash Weave Hair

Human hair bundle users may often ignore this and go straight to search for how to sew in weave, but washing weave before install is always an important step. The reason is that the hair is taken from a real person, washing your weave will help it clean and look healthier like its original condition. Let follow these below steps to wash your weave hair extensions before installing them.

05 Wash Weave Hair

What is a weave in your hair?

First of all, you must know clearly the definition of a weave in your hair before you find out how to wash your weave.

Weave is a method in which the wefts of artificial or human hair are sewn, clipped or glued onto your braided hair and styled to your desired designs.

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And now, check out the following steps to clean your weave before installing them.


The first step to wash your weave hair extensions is mixing a tablespoon of shampoo with a half cup of warm water. We suggest you to use the typical shampoos for dry hair to add more moisture and nutrients to the hair extensions, which makes them more beautiful and smoothly.


Add more warm water to the shampoo mixture you have prepared and wash the weave hair extensions carefully. The tip is to use a wide teeth comb and gently comb the weave hair extensions in order to separate the hair strands from the bottom and then move to the top of the weave hair extensions. After you finish soaking the extensions into the water and wash them, leave them for about ten minutes to make sure the dirt is deeply cleansed. Avoid swirling the hair extensions around in order not to tangle them.

After that, take the extensions from the bowl and wash them out under a running tap to remove the shampoo. You should hold the top of the weft so that the water can run through the weave extensions and clean them fully.

02 Wash Weave Hair


This is an important step to help your weave extensions look healthier and more vibrant. Stretch the extensions flatly into a towel gently and then apply conditioner to them for an hour, and then rinse them into the water to remove the conditioner from the extensions. Using good quality conditioner is always better, so consider the suitable one for your hair extensions.

After that, use a towel to dry the weave hair extensions and let them dry overnight, or you can try to use an airing cupboard to make the weave hair extensions dry faster. It is essential to dry the extensions carefully so that they won’t get mold and unexpected smell.

03 Wash Weave Hair



After you finish dry your weaves, comb your weave hair extensions from the bottom upwards with a wide teeth combs or your own fingers. Don’t try to use a narrow teeth comb since it can make your weave hair extensions tangle and break the hair strands. You should also make sure that your hair is completely dry because wet hair is much more vulnerable to damage and hair fall when you comb them.

04 Wash Weave Hair

Washing your weave hair extensions before installing has a significant important, and you can do with just simple steps mentioned on the article. We hope that the guidance will be useful to you and help you get the best state of your weave hair extensions.

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