How to wear a short wig if you have long hair?

01 Short Hair Wig

Have you ever wondered how can people with really long hair wear a short hair wig? You probably think it’s impossible to do since the short hair strands cannot cover your natural long locks. And even when you try to hide it underneath your wig, it still look artificial with the lumps and bumps. But in fact, people with the hair reaching their waist can still slay with their short wig? So what is the technique? Let’s figure out the trick in this post.

Step 1: Prep your hair

Before you start, make sure your hair is thoroughly combed out and completely dry. If your hair is naturally frizzy or coarse, it’s better to apply some conditioner or hair spray to deflate and make it a little softer and compliant under the wig. However, to keep your wig cap stay in place, you will need some friction. Hence, if you have fine hair, don’t try to over-condition it.

02 Prep Hair

Step 2: Section your hair and braid

Part your hair into two equal sections and braid each section. You should start a braid behind each ear.  Make sure that you keep the braids very loose. Tight braids will create lumps under the short wig while loose braids can easily be shifted around, spread out, or mashed flat as needed. 

If your hair is exceptionally thick or wavy, it’s better to divide your hair into four braids instead of two. But remember not to overlap the braids when you wrap them around your head to avoid lumps and bumps.

03 Braid Hair For Wig

Step 3: Wrap the braids around your head

Pull one braid across the back of the head to the opposite side, and wrap it as far as possible over the top of your head. Pull the braid tight across the scalp, then secure it in place with your hair pins. The tips of the hair pins should point back toward the base of the braid so that it can’t slide back around your head.

If the braids are a bit thick, you should pull the twists apart slightly and spread the hair out to the sides to make it lay flatter on the scalp. You as much pins to secure the braids in place even when you shake your head. The braids will serve as a foundation for your wig. Therefore, you need to attach them tightly on your head.

03 Wrap Hair

After that, repeat the same wrapping and pinning process with the other braid. The braids should then lie flat next to each other at the top of your head rather than crossing over each other. Or else, it will create lumps. If there are any loose hair at the end of the braid, tuck it under another section of hair and pin it in place it won’t poke out from under the wig.

Step 4: Put on the wig cap

Put the wig cap on your head and stretch it over all of your hair. Tuck in any loose strands and work the edges of the cap back up to your hairline. It will be better if you can try out different ways to put your wig cap on. Depending on how you pins the braids, it may be easier to slip it on back-to-front or front-to-back.

If you’re going to be putting on makeup or costume pieces before your human hair short wig, you may want to pin the wig cap in place so it can’t move around before you’re ready to put your wig on.  You can push hair pins through the wig cap directly into the braids, or slide bobby pins over the edges of the wig cap to hold it in place.

05 Put On Wig Cap

If you intend to put makeup or outfits before wearing your short hair wig, you should pin the wig cap in place first. In this way, the wig cap won’t move around before you place the wig into your head. You can push the hair pins through your wig and into the braids to secure it in your head.

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Step 5: Put on your short hair wig

06 Short Hair Wig

After you have done all the preps, it’s time to put your human hair short wig on. Stretch the wig elastic all the way around the braids on the sides and back of your head. You can use some hair pins to secure the wig. Just pin it through the cap and directly into your braids. You should pins in several places over the crown and around the edges of the wig. If your short hair wig is a bit longer and heavier, you should use more hair pins prevent the wig from sliding. 

And that’s the way you can wear a short hair wig even if your hair is super long. Thank you for reading.


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