Human Hair Clip in: How do I Achieve a Functional Style with No Heat?

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If you wear heat styled hair do’s, then this article is just for you!

Sometimes change is good, and when it comes to the health of your hair, this is something that you may want to consider. Sure, using clip-ins helps you to tone down on your heat use, but have you ever considered eliminating the heat tools altogether?

Using heat on your hair to achieve hairstyles at a constant rate does not only damage your hair over time but can damage and thin out your clip in extensions as well. Listen, you spend so much money on making sure that you have the top of the line hair to wear so why not preserve it for as long as you can?


Do not let the thought of not knowing how to achieve these styles without heat make you run away from trying it, at least once. Train yourself day by day to eventually let go of your hot styling tools and begin to look for manual tools that give you the same effect.

Below, we will explore the many options, techniques, and products to help you get those bouncy curls and fluffy waves that you love so much! So grab your notebook, take some notes and get into this!

How do I Achieve a Functional Style with No Heat?

Flexi rods, perm rods, Bantu knots and a twisted curl is all you need to hear depending on the texture of clip-ins that you have. Achieving a great style not only starts with the technique but the products that you choose to use.

You can achieve so many styles without heat, including an up do or a method that goes down your back! No matter what you try, give it a chance at least once. You may surprise yourself and use less heat or no heat more often on your clip in.

Bouncy Barrel Curls

In this first style, let’s explore some bouncy curls! If you are a lover of big body curls, you will love this because it will last long after you have taken those rollers out!

Plus you will only need a few items such as:

  • Barrel rollers
  • Small duck clips
  • A rat tail comb
  • A paddle or wig brush
  • Light serum
  • Satin scarf or bonnet

Before you start to place your rollers randomly, this style is all about execution. Which means that where you put your rollers is where you will get the most volume and bounce, so be strategic.

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To get the best results, part your hair is quads, starting from ear to ear and then from your forehead to the nape of your neck. Next, make sure that your hair gets thoroughly detangled by using the paddle brush from the tip of your hair to the root. Be gentle! You do not want to snag your clip-ins or damage them or your natural hair.

Once you have detangled, now is the time grab your barrel rollers. Start by working from the crown of your head and out so that you have enough space to place your last few.

To get your technique down for rolling each barrel use the following steps below:

Step 1:

Take a section of hair, about the length of your index finger and stretch it upward.

Step 2:

Take a light hair serum, such as Chi and lightly put a dime sized amount of it on that section.

Step 3:

Brush in the product using your paddle brush to ensure that it even distribution occurs along the length of hair. For extra sleekness, use your rat tail comb to get those ends together!

Step 4:

Take your roller and begin to roll it down the weft of hair and secure it by using your duck clip at the root of your hair.

Once you have it down the first time, repeat until your entire head becomes covered! The key here is to allow the rollers to sit for a few hours or overnight. To make sure that they do not budge, use your favorite silk scarf or bonnet to hold them all together.

When they have set for as long as you can stand carefully remove the clips and rollers and watch your hair flourish! Separate by using that good paddle brush again, and your style is complete!

You do not always need heat to get a perfect style!

Sometimes it just takes a little extra time and research to figure out how to create heatless styles.

The biggest plus for many of these styles is that it does little to no damage to your clip in and natural hair and that the style lasts longer because you did not need to add in too much product. When it comes to clip-ins, many of us go with this method because we want to be versatile and do less work, so why not embrace the other side of its versatility?

Think about it like this, you can say goodbye to having to spend more money and research on a new set of clip in, and you can extend its lifetime by doing a little less than usual.

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