Impressive hairstyles for women with black hair and blue eyes to feature their concept

07 Black Hair Blue Eyes

Natural black hair and blue eyes is not commonly seen in daily life, but this combo is really eye-catching and always leaves special impression. Therefore, it has become a trendy concept among beauty followers these days, and we can even see it in comics and anime. But what can be the best hairstyles for women with black hair and blue eyes? Let read the article and figure out.

How rare is black and blue eyes?

While black is the most common color of human’s natural hair, only 17% of people in the world has blue eyes. This demonstrates how unlikely this combination can be popular. You can come across with girls with black hair and blue eyes on the street, but there is high possibility that they use blue contacts rather than the natural color.

Although black hair and blue eyes is rare, it is visually striking thanks to the color contrast. Maybe that’s why people fall for it and seek to change their style.

Gorgeous hairstyles for women with black hair and blue eyes

Since the black of hair will draw attention to the blue eyes, it is important to choose a suitable hairstyle so that the combo can be much more beautiful and special.

  1. Short haircut bringing sassy vibe

01 Black Hair Blue Eyes

It is not accidental that black hair and blue eyes are often attached with retro style. The short haircut with blunt end and slightly curl radiates the sassy vibe, and the thick black bangs accentuates the blue eyes. You can try to add some makeup for your blue eyes in dark tone. This concept will totally blow the people’s mind.

  1. Romantic soft waves

02 Black Hair Blue Eyes

Long hair with soft waves often bring an impression of a gentle girl. You can curl your hair slightly and tie it loose or leave it drop naturally. This hairstyle will surely highlight the beauty of your black hair and blue eyes while bringing along a romantic image of a sweet girl.

  1. Effortless waves

03 Black Hair Blue Eyes

The combination of black hair and blue eyes is brilliant itself. Even if you don’t do anything, people still pay attention to it. Yet, if you want to flatter your natural beauty even more, you can make a casual and natural hairstyle, for example, making simple waves. This hairstyle will make you look more elegant without lowering the outstanding charm of your black hair and blue eyes.


  1. Natural long straight hairstyle

04 Black Hair Blue Eyes

As we have mentioned above, the black hair and blue eyes combo shines itself; therefore, it is the simplicity that can create the elegance to the women who are luckily enough to possess this unique combination. You can have your hair cut a little to remove the damaged ends, but remember to keep it long enough. Then, part your hair in the middle. The long straight black hair with no bang will definitely create the classiness to your concept.

  1. Retro Big Curls

05 Black Hair Blue Eyes

It has long been considered that black is the hair color that has the wonderful connection with retro and vintage style. Hence, you can redo your hair with big curls like the style in the 1950s. This hairstyle will not make you look untrendy at all. On the contrary, it will transform you to a stylish and noble lady.


  1. Classy updo radiating the strong personality

06 Black Hair Blue Eyes

The black color of your hair and the blue in your eyes will be highlighted strongly through a neat and simple updo. You can remain your bang or remove it to your favorite style since this surely cannot fade your elegance. With this hairstyle, one can also emphasize their strong personality. Thus, this concept is really suitable for smart modern girls with strong characteristics.

In this article, we mention 6 beautiful hairstyles for women with black hair and blue eyes. We hope that you will find it useful in selecting your hairstyle and concept. Thank you for reading.


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