Invisible lace wig – The outstanding wig for a natural look

01 Invisible Lace Wig

No wig wearer wants to confront the embarrassing situation when someone recognizes that they are using a wig. That’s why wig users now seek to use the high-quality wigs that secure them with a natural look. Apart from the quality of hair bundles that are used to form the wigs, the lace part is also an important factor contributing to your look with a perfect hairline. And invisible lace wig stands out among various types of wig for this reason. So today, let learn more about this type of wig with the superior HD lace material.

What is HD lace?

HD lace stands for high definition lace. It is the latest type of lace material with the finest thickness and texture. The lace is thin and see-through. It looks like your real scalp, thereby creating an undetectable hairline. With HD lace, you can bleach and re-color the lace. However, there is no need to do so since the lace as it already perfectly matches your skin tone.


02 Invisible Lace Wig

What is an invisible lace wig?

An invisible lace wig is a type of lace wig which is formed with an HD lace frontal/closure and 3 to 4 hair bundles. The wig brings the most natural look thanks to the royal material of lace that turns invisible once attached to the scalp.

Pros and cons of invisible lace wigs


Secure a natural look 

Since the HD lace is in transparent color, it matches with your skin tones perfectly. Hence, it’s invisible to your scalp with the natural hairline around the premiere of the wig. It also reflects the cameras in a way that makes the lace look like your scalp, thereby maintaining a natural look even with light flashing on.

03 Invisible Lace Wig

Easy to apply

With an HD lace wig, you can use a glueless method to install the wig into your head. Thus, you will no longer have to worry about the tape or glue can affect your hairline. And, a full understanding of how to wear a wig will bring you great help. So, let learn deeply about it. 

Less skin irritation

Normal lace materials can bring users an itchy scalp due to lace irritation. However, with an invisible lace wig, you won’t need to worry about that uncomfortable feeling. The HD ensures the finest thickness (it is really thin), and the perfect texture of the lace will bring more ventilation to your scalp. As a result, it lessens the skin irritation caused by the lace.

04 Invisible Lace Wig


The HD lace is really thin; therefore, you must handle it gently when using and cleaning or else, it will be damaged easily. In addition, HD lace requires higher technology to produce. Therefore, a HD lace wig is now available in the market at relatively high price compared to other regular lace wigs. It’s better to consider your budget before you decide to invest in one.

Where to find a good invisible lace wig?

APOHAIR, the leading hair producer and exporter in Vietnam, is now offering a wide range of invisible lace wigs with HD lace closure. All the products in our wig collection are made from human hair and available with diverse lengths, sizes and textures to meet the demands of customers. Especially, APOHAIR’s invisible lace wigs always ensure the softness of the hair thanks to the meticulous production process with no chemical intervention.

05 Invisible Lace Wig

Moreover, APOHAIR has just launched a new GALAXY COLLECTION with multiple options of hair bundles for wig making. The lace frontal or lace closure we include in each option is also HD lace. With our premium bundle deals, you can create a marvelous invisible wig yourself. Don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 customer service team for more support.

Above all, we have mentioned some points about invisible lace wig. We hope that the article equip you with helpful info to choose a perfect wig. Thank you for reading. Please keep following us for more updates.


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