You may never forget the trademarking hair style of Rachel in TV series Friends in the 90s. Or you are born in the late 2000s, you may not know that. However, this character has own its hair style from the famous show.

And that also a turning point for our beloved Jennifer Aniston. We still remember how beautiful that is for Rachel blonde hair styles. But that all are on screen, how is about off-screen? Jennifer has been doing so well to keep her own way to style hair and keep it such an elegant look.

How about checking for some of her styles as followed and you may found your own cut for next time in salon.

Beach waves


As the TV series Friends closed off in 2004, Jennifer started to let her hair grow and style in beach soft waves. This one was a hit on the red carpet since this show left the small screen. She has rocked this style perfectly with her blonde shade.

This is somehow look like Avril pop punk, but Jennifer still marked it as stunning as her own beauty. This wave style will make your hair look just like a golden sunshine with the soft texture and bright shade of color. You will turn yourself in the spot light when trying out this hair look.

Loose straight

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More than get it in shape, loose straight is just a lazy-yet-dazzling style for all girls. This is such a classic move and still put you in an elegant image. Jennifer looks just young and fresh in this style of hair. As straight is classic hair do, you will save more time to style it.

Still keep up for the blonde shade, she has just showed off her natural hair by keep up with this straight. This hair style is also an easy matcher with any styles of outfit. You can try with casual look or some special event. All are good and make you a classic full of charms appearance.

Ponytail styles

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You may see Jennifer in her let-all-down hair styles most of time. However, this ponytail style is also her wonderful must-try style. This is such a playful and fresh look. You can try this for your daily look. Just a fabulous casual hairdo, you will turn in such a freedom mood.

This style is made with not too much effort and you still look just in style. Her trademark through years is just in blonde-base shades. Even in darker or sometime a little brighter, all are fit so well and become her owned beauty mark.

Bun to updos

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Rather than only ponytail, Jennifer has put up her hair in bun and updos styles. By trying out double buns or tinker updos, she has given her look much more interesting. These up-style are easy and convenient to do.

Just pull up all of your locks and secured in the level of height that you want. You may hack some ages for younger look and keep an innocent appearance.

From loosen down or tie all up, Jennifer always looks such in stunning styles. If you love blonde shades, these styles above will be such good idea for your next go. You also can try on some blonde hair extensions.

This is a better way to try on new hair but still keep your own real one in safe. Take a look at our site for the detail information. APOHAIR is popular high standard hair extensions brand. You will enjoy a very great time when wearing on our hair extension.


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