Know everything about your hair type

Know Everything About Your Hair Type01
Know Everything About Your Hair Type01

Hair extensions nowadays is a popular hair beauty tool which is known to help you change your hair look. However, to get the best results with hair extensions, you have to know something clearly to choose the most suitable hair product.

To boost your look with beautiful extensions, it is important to choose the hair extensions which blend with your own hair. Therefore, you should know clearly about your hair such as your hair color, your hair type, etc. If you are still confused about your hair type, you will get the answer from the following information.

In this post, we will show you some hair types and their characteristic for you to determine which type your hair is and how to deal with it.

Natural straight hair

Know Everything About Your Hair Type
Know Everything About Your Hair Type

Firstly, we would like to tell you about the style: natural straight. It is known as the popular hair type in Asia. Almost women in this area have straight hair with black or dark shade color. This type is found as shiny, smooth and soft.

Natural straight hair grows quickly and it is not easy to be curled or damaged. It is considered as strong and high-quality hair. Nonetheless, this type is easy to be greasy, therefore; you have to wash your hair frequently to maintain its beauty.

Wavy hair

Know Everything About Your Hair Type01
Know Everything About Your Hair Type

You are a lucky girl when having wavy hair because wavy hair is the harmonious combination of straight and curly hair. They said that this hair type is thin, coarse and naturally frizzy. Moreover, wavy hair is easy to style in some ways. It is resistant to styling efforts.

Curly hair

Know Everything About Your Hair Type02
Know Everything About Your Hair Type

This is an interesting type. According to many people who have this hair type, there is an interesting thing that this hair is straight when the hair is wet but when it is dry, it returns curly hair. Therefore, humidity is known as the main factor to make this hair type frizzier. Curly hair is rather easy to style.

Kinky hair

Know Everything About Your Hair Type03
Know Everything About Your Hair Type

The last hair type we want to mention in this post is kinky hair which is tightly curled. It is found as very curly and wiry. You can feel its coarseness when you touch this type of hair. However, kinky hair is very fragile and easy to be damaged.

As a result, it is important that you should take care of your kinky hair properly to maintain it well. If you are finding the suitable hairstyle for kinky hair, this hair types is perfect for afros, braiding, dreads, and many other styles.

Now, you know the characteristics of four hair types. Through this post, hope that you can refer and choose the suitable hair extensions. Knowing clearly about your hair, it is easier to choose the suitable one.

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