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The hair – a very important part of everyone’s body which you may think that you know clearly. It is your hair; therefore, you of course know its length, its texture and so on. However, there actually are many things about your hair that will surprise you.

It is necessary that you know more about your hair to take care of it well and have the right ways to promote its look, for example wearing hair extensions. OK, let’s see how these hair facts surprise you and blow your mind.

Keratin is the main element of your hair


Have you ever wondered what is your hair made of? The answer is keratin – a kind of protein which is found in our outer layer of skin and our fingernails. One surprising thing is that keratin is also found in animals’ hooves, claws and feathers.

Hair grow quicker in warm climates

Another fact about your hair is growth. It is said that hair can grow faster in warm climates. This is because heat stimulates circulation in the body, including in the scalp and encourages hair growth. However, hair growth also depends on genetics and diet.

Black hair color is the most common and red one is the rarest

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We all know that there are many different hair colors all over the world. The black hair is popular in Asia and the blonde hair is usually found in Western. However, do you know which color is the most common and which color is the rarest?

According to researchers, 1% of the world’s population has natural red hair and the second most rare hair color is blonde with 2% of the world’s population. On the other hand, dark hair color is the most common.

Hair can tell exactly about your daily life

It is an amazing fact that scientists can know what you ate and drank as well as the environment that you lived in from only a tiny strand of hair.

Cutting your hair does not make your hair to grow faster

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This fact will blow your mind about the way to make hair to grow fast. Many people have attempted to cut hair often with the hope that it will grow quickly. However, it is the fact that cutting your hair does not influence the hair growth.

Above are 5 interesting facts about natural hair that may be absolutely new to you. Your knowledge about hair should not be too little. Exploring your hair is also considered as a way to care and boost its look. Knowing your hair will help you know how to make it beautiful.

It is highly suggested that applying hair extensions is a way to promote your hair look. It is necessary to looking for an extensions brand that can support your hair well. You can try Apohair – a Vietnamese hair extensions brand which supply high quality products in a variety of hair types and hair length. Keratin hair, weft hair, etc. are some of hair types for you to choose.

Whether your hair is short or long, it still can be greater with Apohair extensions.


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